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THE HUNDREDS – Fashion – 8 years and still killing it

Erasers???..yes im serious

The Hundreds (Fb) have been around for 8 years now. It seems like a long time since I bought my first shirt and New Era. In fact, the New Era still is in circulation with my little bro in Cali. It has made it full cirlce since I was rocking it on a “fixey” in downtown SD back in 2005. I have watched, stalked, and screamed about this brand ever since. It has made its way up to the mountains of Aspen. I have seen the crew from LA’s style all the way across the pond in England. Their tastes and touches are of the finest style.

Their style is the throw back 80’s, the hip hop 90’s, and the infusing of 2000’s world into the fashions of the past. Their denim is top notch and their bags are as durable as a rhino……..I’ve had a bag since ’09 that is still working like a charm.

Logo Leopard Print shirt……grab one now!!!
Their shoes are comfortable, stylish, and unique. Their designs are continuously changing the with the culture, the news, or the world. Their new “Fishing” shirt is a great statement for the world. The water is getting polluted and soon this image will be more of a reality. Be green!!!
The denim…..The Hundreds…..The Real Deal

My favorite callabo that I have seen in years!!!!….Sharpie and The Hundreds. How else would an artist practice a HUGE wall mural? How else would a skater be able to sign an autograph? Shapries are smooth and timeless.  Any artist, tagger, or person of leisure has used one in their life. Its something that we all need to have in our homes. They have erasers, laptop bags, slip mat, and pens in their line this season. They have captured the urban lifestyle in LA better than anyone. If your truly Grimey or truly Gatsby………………………………The Hundreds (Fb) are your line!!

The Hundreds Shaprie…..KILLER!!!!

Fanny Pacs are back

New Fall stripes for the season……classic

“Fishing” Tee…the city way

The Hundreds do not disappoint. They bring the heat, the flame, the fiya. If you need to find some threads for a Huntington beach BBQ, a Manhattan evening out, or a ride to the surf in Hawaii……..Their brand will not give you anything but the Gatsby!!!!!
The Hundreds Store
You think you know the hot tip? You think you know what’s coming next in fashion? You understand we are on your side? Follow us and we’ll keep you looking like a true fly Player… The Gatsby

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