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R.L. Scott

We met R.L. through our Los Angeles family during the production on Touye Pwen. His mini series that is now going into the “Featured Films” file.

This is his biography from the IMDb:
Action Director R.L. Scott was born in America and raised in Salvador Bahia Brazil. He began studying martial arts at the age of six, writing at the age of sixteen and one year later, made his first short film. He always knew he would be a director and spent the following six years in high school and ultimately college, learning all he could about motion pictures. R.L. holds a fifth degree black belt in martial arts; so directing action films was an inevitable choice. He graduated with a degree from film school. Since then, R.L. has been involved in over forty shorts and feature films in many capacities including writing, directing, fight choreography, production work and editing.  He wrote, directed and Choreographed the action for the feature film “Champion Road” in 2008, which has seen great success internationally on DVD. It’s sequel “Champion Road: Arena” is completed and released in fall 2010.

Since 2010, he has been coming out with more and more action packed films. The new one coming out is:

Kill Point

Check out what R.L. & Hunt discussed about his passion, life, and future.

When did you find your passion as a director?
R.L.- I started pretty early. I knew at 15 that I would be a director, so from there I began educating myself through books and so on. International movies fueled my imagination.
What was your first camera (film)?
R.L.- I bought a Sony Beta cam at age 16 (before VHS) to start writing and shooting little 5 minute short films with my friends. They didn’t understand what it was back then, as this was before film making became popular. This was before the internet was accessible… before digital and firewire connections. There was no home editing suite back then, Lol… so I used flying erase head VCR’s to edit my shorts.
What was your first acting job?
R.L.- I have studied Chinese Martial Arts my whole life, so I would end up fighting in my own shorts… not much acting though. I respect really gifted actors and I know that’s not my calling.

Some actors & Actresses you like to work with?
R.L.- There are a great deal of actors I like working with… I can’t name them all. I have to say two of my favorite actors are Shaun Mixon and Monyque Thompson Scott. They always surprise me with the level of depth and passion they put into their performances. I will also say that one thing that I respond to in actors the most aside from talent is humility. Being a humble person who respects others is huge for me.
Where are you from?
R.L.- I was born in North America but grew up in South America. In my late teens I ended up in North America for good.

Who is your mentor?
R.L.- I have several directors/ martial artists that have influenced me throughout my career. Currently I would have to say a combination of Donnie Yen and David Fincher. I am a fight choreographer as well as a writer director, so Donnie is the best of the best to me right now in terms of action directing. David Fincher for his ability to tackle any genre of film he chooses and do it well… I am a fan of smart films and films that have a certain edginess to them.
What are your favorite 4 movies?
R.L.- I would have to say… Sha Po Lang, Old Boy, A Bittersweet Life and I saw the devil.
Words for aspiring directors?
R.L.- Quality is the key to success… I cannot stress that enough. Having great storytelling, great shot composition, sound, lighting and casting great talent. High production value will carry you further than just throwing together a bunch of stuff to say you made something. Also, create something that feels different and unique. Don’t follow anyone else in terms of style, cut your own path.
The most grimey thing you have ever done? (1 story)
R.L.- Film wise… I would have to say, guerrilla shooting a fight scene in a police station.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?
R.L.- I think to date… writing, directing, producing and getting distribution for my first two feature films (the Champion Road Franchise.) I am currently shooting my third feature (Kill Point) as we speak, and going through the process of making those first two films seriously prepared me for the one I am shooting now… it’s massive! I also plan on rebooting the “Champion Road” movies with a new trilogy in the next few years.
How has the film industry changed in the past 5 years?
R.L.- There are some great things, and some bad things as well. Digital technology has bridged the gap between the Hollywood Elites and the independent filmmaker. The playing field is close to being level now, unfortunately with things being so accessible… the respect for the craft has suffered. Anyone who can afford a camera now is calling themselves directors so the overall  quality of productions have dropped immensely. I feel that the true artist and true actors have suffered the most. But again, the upside is that true artists who otherwise may not have had the tools to create on a competitive level are able to now.

Your favorite location for a “set”?
R.L.- Someplace warm, large, extremely well lit, and with an interesting texture and quality that makes it unique. Other countries than America are also always great in terms of production value.
Favorite food?
R.L.- Sushi… hands down, Lol.

 Exhibit A – KillPoint

How do find your creativity?
R.L.- I find inspiration in everything… in other films, in games, in animation, in artwork… it comes in many forms. It is a privilege to be in the position I am in and to have the support I have so my fans and supporters also inspire me to bring them something unique and interesting every time.
Are you part of the GG FAM?
R.L.- I applaud the GG Fam for their awesome contribution to the game, and spreading the word on what’s hot and current in the industry. I am definitely down with Grimey Gatsby!!

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