Grimey Gatsby Interview with Tolgar

Grimey Gatsby Interview with Tolgar – TheGrimeyGatsby

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Published on January 10th, 2013 | by gatsbyadmin


Grimey Gatsby Interview with Tolgar

Grimey Gatsby Interview with Tolgar

 What are your thoughts on your new release coming out?

I’m very excited about this upcoming project as it’s my first original EP. I’ve primarily worked on remixes for other artists, reworks for own sets, and had a string of originals when I first started producing. It was really at the suggestion of my fans that I decided to pursue an all original EP.  While it’s certainly a source of credibility in the production community, I’m more motivated by the idea of having a piece of music that captures where I’m currently at in the process.

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And the future of the Dub music scene for this summer?

Trying to predict the future of any genre these days is a task I leave to others. I’d most likely find myself more successful taking guesses at the housing market or stock market.  I will say, as genres blur among each other more and more, it becomes more

a guess of the music scene as a whole rather than a single genre.

Any new videos the fans should be looking for?

 The title track off the new EP, Lost In Paradise, will have a video that I’ve already begun storyboarding with a good friend who is an incredible cinematographer.  It will definitely have a more emotional aspect to it than any other works in my past. For now, people can enjoy the video for my remix of High Rollers feat The Keylas – Now Or Never here: or subject themselves to the ridiculousness of the alter ego Trollgar at

 What do you think makes a successful song & video these days?

I suppose it’s all relative to what you define as successful. I’ve never judged the credibility of any track by it’s measure success in sales in the market place, though others may.  As an artist, I first and foremost determine how successful any track is by how I connect to it. I’ve made tracks, that even after an arduous process of production, I’ve found not in the realm of something I associated with and Therefore never released them. I think with how interconnected we’ve become, just as quickly as a track or artist can shoot up to fame, through internet marketing and word of mouth… they can also get saturated and fly back down just as quickly.

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New music on the way from the GAR of TOL?

Besides the new EP, I’m currently working on a few collaborations with several artists whom I respect and many know… but I can’t give specifics at this time. I will say, there will be much more drum and bass coming from me in the future.

How is it that you can make such clear sounds? tips for producers…

I’ve been focusing on a “less is more” approach when it comes to the music I’ve been making as of late. There is only so much room for everything to play nice and while EQ, stereo imaging, etc can create more space… I find that if you stick to a select few sounds and focus on thickening and cleaning them up, you’ll have a clean track that sounds full.

What equipment do you use most for producing these days?

Currently running a 24″ iMac with a 2.8Ghz dual core, Logic Pro 8, Ableton 8 (Yes, I finally upgraded), Kontakt 5, Razor, Massive, Sylenth, Gladiator, Fab Filter Products, Ozone, and Iris.

You “ace in our pocket” when it comes to producing?

Not sure if I have an ace per say, but Razor has acted as my joker in times of need.

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What can you say about the Denver Dubstep scene?

I am tired about hearing how amazing it is and would like to come and enjoy it for myself with my own eyes/ears 🙂 All my friends who live out there consistently make sure to remind me how good it is.  It’s actually wonderful to hear of a scene thriving they way theirs has. I wish them many more years.

You also do film sound….what’s the hottest project your on now?

I’ve signed onto a new film called Day 1 that’s schedule to shoot in the spring. It’s being directed by Jose Carlos Gomez, whom I’ve been fortunate enough to work with on the award winning movies Bled White and Plastic. I’m very ecstatic as both projects got picked up for distribution and you can purchase them at your local Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon (project plug!) I will also be doing sound design for a new film called Can You Hear Me Now? by Daryle Moore that just wrapped up shooting.

New collabo’s for the summer?

I am not at liberty to drop names just yet, but yes, a few projects are in the making.  I will say the new EP features a local hip hop artist by the name of Spitzofrenic that I worked with whom I will be also be collaborating with on his new album.

What keeps you going in the industry that changes weekly?

I simplify it to the common denominator and do it because I love making music. The industry part is just in the rear view mirror of my production drive.

How tips do you have for new DJ’s, producers, and promoters?

Your best resource to learn is to talk to those who did it before you. I’ve been all three at some point in my life and hearing from others on what to do and especially, what not to do, it always a great asset.  I think whatever you pursue, the adage of learning to crawl before you walk comes into play.

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What songs are you jazzed about currently?

My tastes have been rather eclectic lately. For the new EP, I’ve pulled out my old RCA 1940’s vinyl pressings of select classical pieces as a source of motivation. I’ve also been listening to Dj Shadow’s – Six Days. I also find myself getting motivated by Rage Against The Machine… thinking of Tom Morello scratching the strings with an Allen wrench on People Of The Sun to keep myself outside of the typical box. On the newer front of music, I’ve discovered a very talented artist here in Chicago by the name of Kilo Mash through my friend and producer Nimbus.  Isis by Seven Lions and Bloss by Mr. Bill & Freddy Todd (Circuit Bent Remix) have been on repeat.

Are you part of the GG fam?

You know I am! Proud to be a part of the fam!

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