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Published on March 22nd, 2013 | by gatsbyadmin


Interview – Hemp Clean’s Samantha Walsh

We have a great asset in our GGnetwork with Hemp Cleans. They are the group behind the political Hemp movement in Denver, Colorado, and the USA. Jason Lauve has been interviewed, we have featured the brand a few times now, and we finally are about to get a “Souljah” to the mic!!! Sami Walsh is the lobbyist pitbull that steers the energy, movement, and breaking news like none other. We know Sami from our evenings at Hoodlab with the “Hemp Cabinet” as we call them. We also enjoy her holistic aspects of entertainment with Hempster Yoga, Hands on Hemp, and (she is known to frequent) the Vegan Market. Sami is well versed in the world of hemp and is fueling the movement daily at the lobbyist events, Capitol Hill Denver, and the streets. She is a “Wonder Woman” for the Hemp plant and we wanted her to show you a littler more about what she does and why. And she is the only woman we have had to use the word “yore” correctly in an interview….just saying. We love Sami at GG and we know you will to. Make sure to check out www.hempcleans.com when you can, get over to Hoodlab for all the Hempy events, and keep Mother Nature happy with #4pieces!!!!


Sam speaking at Hoodlab during a “Hands on Hemp” event.


1) What is new on the Hemp horizon in Denver?

Well this past Wednesday we are held a Hemp Lobby Day at the Colorado State Capitol to encourage legislators to pass the Industrial Hemp Regulations bill. Hemp is going to be a big deal for Colorado overall. It will be a boost to our agriculture economy and maybe fill in some of those empty manufacturing plants that just sit around and collect bad graffiti.

2) What is Hemp Cleans?

Hemp Cleans is a grassroots  non profit that grew (heh) out of a house bill that was passed last year (HB 12-1099)  That bill allowed for the study of industrial hemp and how it basically cleans soil. We have been lobbying hard to get a bill passed this session that will allow for the growth, processing, and sale of industrial hemp here in Colorado. We operate on a PBR budget but we are making serious change.

3) How much can we benefit from using hemp in our industries?

I’ve been saying this a lot lately. Name an industry. Name any industry and there is a way that hemp can improve it. From the most obvious like clothing and paper to the less obvious like hemp plastics used in cars to make them lighter, stronger and more fuel efficient to hempcrete (Check the @grimeygatsby Instagram for a picture of the “kinderblock”) to build homes which makes them up to 30% more energy efficient. The real key here is, we can’t even begin to wrap our heads around what hemp can do because American innovators haven’t been able to get their hands on it and experiment. We are one hell of an industrious and inventive nation… I can’t even imagine the possibilities once you can get raw hemp product into some 16 year old science whiz kid who’s destined to become the Bill Gates of hemp.


GG Client Apothecanna will be at every Urban Outfitter in the USA in 2013.

4) Where are you located?

We’re in Colorado mostly…half of us are in the Springs. The other half is in Denver/Boulder. We’re all over the fucking map.

5) Where can we follow your journey?

HempCleans.com and facebook……You can always friend me on FB to…all I do is post about hemp. It’s quite obnoxious/informative.

6) What is the biggest obstacle in your mission for hemp?

Federal law. And investors. I think there is a lot of money…big money out there waiting to invest in a full hemp manufacturing and processing market but they are biding their time to see how the federal government reacts.


GG Client Evo Hemp will be in Whole Foods and assorted other health stores across the US in 2013.

7) Didn’t we grow hemp in the US for years before the prohibition?

Oh yeah. It used to be required to grow back in founding father day’s of yore. It was acceptable legal tender. Even when they tried to kill it off in the 20’s, in swooped the government to make farmer’s grow it because we needed the rope that can be made form hemp, for our Navy during the war.

8) Whom do you feel is helping the movement in Colorado? (shout out time)

Well, of course without Sensible Colorado, Vote Hemp and the Amendment 64 campaign we wouldn’t have this huge momentum behind us now that we do. Jason Lauve, Lynda Parker, Erik Hunter and Carla Boyd have been wonderful, dedicated people to work with. And we have had a lot of great support in the legislature. Sen. Schwartz is our bill sponsor and has been very judicious and fair and really is looking out for the best interests of Coloradoans. Rep Polis is cosponsoring legislation on federal level and has been a great support.  And if it weren’t for Adam Dunn and HoodLAB, I wouldn’t have had the knowledge or drive to make this happen like I do now.


Retail and Lifestyle cornerstones like Hoodlab will be more and more likely with the emerging Hemp industry.

9) How can we help from the streets?

Call, write, email your Reps in Congress and in the state house. Tell them to get on board with hemp. On a federal level there is HB 255 which will take Hemp out of the Controlled Substances Act. Get those lazy bums off their asses to do something productive for this country for a change!

10) What do you like to do in your off time from the Hemp movement in Denver?

Rockclimb, Snowboard. typical Colorado stuff.

11) Are you GGFam?

Of course. I’m the fammiest of fam. GGSam, practically.

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