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TRUTH – Interview

We have some roots laid with the music scene of Denver. For the past two years we have been watching shows, attending festivals, taking it late night with producers, planning national tours, and evolving our love for the noise in the Mile High. We also have a great love for the deep, dark, and basstastic sound. TRUTH, originally from New Zealand, has been turning the heads and sound systems all over the WORLD….and they are gearing up for one of the biggest summers to date. Our boss man, Hunt, had this to say, “I met Tristan and Dre about 2 months ago through the Sub.Mission family. I have heard their music for the past 5 years all over Colorado. The guys are nothing but passionate about their goal. Their roots to the culture of DUB are pretty astounding. Grabbing lunch with them usually turns into me just taking notes about the past, present, and future. I am still digesting the fact that they are about destroy the festival scene all over the globe. Which was evident after their weekend at Snowball…..and then at SXSW….and then WMC….ya get my point?” Enjoy some of the OG’s of the bass world and be sure to catch them on stage where ever you can. We are sure these boys will be taking over the rest of your venues this fall.winter.

GG: When did you two meet?

TRUTH:We met in our home town of Christchurch, New Zealand in around 1998. We’d been going to all the same Drum n Bass gigs there and just seemed to keep bumping in to one another. One thing led to another and we became friends through music.

GG: How long have you been spinning plates?

TRUTH: Since forever it seems like! Probably around 15 years.

GG: Where has TRUTH played thus far in their history?

TRUTH: We have played all over the place really. Started out doing shows just in New Zealand (where we are from) and Australia. Then did our first UK Tour where we found out we were bigger than at home, that was a pleasant surprise! Since those early days we’ve been just about everywhere. All over the USA and North America. Most of Europe and the United Kingdom. Russia. All over Latin America. A couple of shows in Southeast Asia (Hong Kong, Thailand)… and of course pretty much every city and town in New Zealand and Australia! We’re currently based in the USA, for the time being, so our focus the last 12 months has been hitting the US across the board, it’s been really fun and rewarding!

GG: You both are able to play as TRUTH separately anywhere in the world…explain how it feels to play together as opposed to separately?

TRUTH: It’s always great for us to play together… we vibe off each other, and battle each other in some ways, plus we get into a whole lot more mischief, both on the decks and off! It’s always diffirent as well, because we never plan our sets, we just see where the crowd and music takes us… playing as a team can be full of surprises for both of us.
Having said that, when we play apart, we always talk about a rough collection of tracks which we’re both into at the time, so it’s always a “Truth” set rather than a “Dre” or “Tristan” set. At the end of the day we’re DJs and Producers, straight up. People come to hear the music they know we have been making, and that only we have (cause we made it!). There’s no better feeling than playing our own music to people, whether together or apart.

GG: Where are you playing this spring/summer (festivals included)?

TRUTH: We’re all over. Recently have been Snowball, SXSW in Austin Texas and WMC in Miami. Over the next couple of weeks we hit NYC, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Champaign, St Louis, New Orleans, Kelowna, Whistler, San Francisco… then in 3 weeks is our next UK/EU tour. Following that is more US shows and a big NZ/Australia tour.
Summer in the USA is looking great with festival season, though we’re not at liberty to announce much yet… There’s Sonic Bloom, and some other really good festivals in Canada and the USA.


GG: What should we watch for next from TRUTH?

TRUTH: First and foremost, more releases. Our next 12” we’re really excited about. “Devil’s Hands” and “I Belong” on TEMPA is really exciting for us. Then we have a steady stream of releases on some epic labels to look forward to! We’re already working on our new album, though there’s no release date in sight yet….

GG: Any new mixes, tracks, and web shows we should catch you on?

TRUTH: Our latest release on New Moon you should definitely check out. “Iron Lung” / “Medusa” … been getting some great feedback on that one! Every month we release a minimx through our Soundcloud channel, called the Truth Chronicles… the idea is it’s 15-20 mins of the freshest stuff we have been sent that month (or made ourselves). We kept it short so there are no excuses to not put one up, even in the middle of touring, there are opportunities to record 15 mins somewhere, could even be at soundcheck before a gig. The hardest part is keeping it down to just 15-20 mins, we’re sent so much amazing music every month, there are some incredible producers out there right now! We also host a weekly 2 hour show on Sub Mission radio, every Wednesday when we’re not on the road. From 3pm-5pm Denver time (2pm-4pm San Francisco time).

GG: Where are you located these days?

TRUTH: Currently we’re in the USA, bouncing between San Francisco and Denver… both dope places to be for music! We have residencies (“Deep, Dark and Dangerous”) in both cities, so it’s a good excuse to get together and make music!!

GG: How does the bass culture in Denver differ from the rest of the US?

TRUTH: Denver certainly has one of the biggest and most diverse scenes in the USA. You can thank Nicole who runs Sub.Mission for much of that. She’s been pushing the sound hard since day one! Denver has a scene which is big enough to support healthy cross-sections of the sound too. Some US cities are only just picking up on the darker, more minimal bass-heavy stuff more recently… where as in Denver there is a big following for that sound already.
Having said that, the scene in the USA in general is healthy and growing rapidly, which is really good to see! There’s a renaissance of sorts going on, people digging deeper than the generic, mid-range “brostep” sound which really blew up here in the USA. There are other notable cities, where the roots run deep too! Places like L.A., San Francisco, Detroit, Austin and many more!

GG: What inspires you to keep making new music?

TRUTH: There’s nothing like the feeling of making a new track. Getting creative in the studio is enough reward in itself, it’s expression of something which you have inside needing to get out! Then, actually finishing a track is another great feeling of achievement, there’s always a grind to get the last 10% of a piece of music finished off and polished to perfection. Then you get to play the music to other people, seeing people’s first reaction to a track is amazing. Sometimes the response can blow you away. In fact, that first play can make or break it for some tunes… it always imprints itself on your mind. Finally, when a track is signed to a label or released, it brings another whole wave of inspiration and motivation! That’s just the creative process, which would be reward enough in itself… There are all other kinds of inspirations out there as well. When a producer you are really feeling drops a new track, sometimes that’s enough to make you want to hit the studio and play with some ideas. It could be hearing a new sound which you’d never thougt of using before, or hearing a great sample that just has to be used in a track! There’s also the internal motivation of wanting to do something that is fresh, or hasn’t been done before, which can be a real process of trial and error. You just have to keep on making new ideas and hashing them out until something dope emerges!

GG: Any artists we should watch for in 2013?

TRUTH: Kaiju and Content are the ones killing it as far as underground producers are concerned.

GG: Are you GGFam?

TRUTH: Hell yes!

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