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Spring Fashion Guide

It’s that time of year again — SPRING!!!!! We have started to compile our brands to watch this spring/summer. Hunt wanted us to get you an inside view on what we are “covering, researching, and enjoying” from the office this month with our Spring Fashion Gear Guide and our fashion brands to start featuring on for 2013. We have tons of brands, people, and products that come through the office but these have all STOOD OUT and made an impression for 2013 spring. Enjoy the wardrobe of the Gatsby and the advice of Coco……


Ruckus Apparel – New spring line is making waves all over Colorado and has the classy style they always bring to the table. Straight DEATH CREW on this one. The fabric, designs, and brand all come correct with a solid impact for the gentleman.

Hemp Hoodlamb – Their spot in Denver is on national news once a month. Adam and Cici are keeping it Gatsby with their new line for the spring. Great colors, hemp fabric, and secret pockets all make for a truly unique product from the Hemp Kingpin himself. Also check out Sea Shepard as they are wrapped in HHL all the time.

ISVERA – Aspen lifestyle with Gatsby and Grime are the name of the game for ISVERA. Their new spring line has some great aspects for the Cannabis kids, nautical aviators, and Mountain steeze. Their pre-order has already happened so you need to get in line to cop some gear.

Peas & Carrots – Fresh from Cali like produce off the farm – Peas & Carrots is here to enjoy. The Hundreds did a collabo for their store opening and P&C are being seen all over the Cali shores. Step up and eat your veggies with Peas & Carrots.

Staple – The most opulent street fashion line in the history of the game. Jeff Staple has been an industry leader for over a decade. We saw him speak last month in Cali about Staple Design (our favorite Brand next to Supreme). This year Staple has done it again — from the 5 panel hats to the pigeon of lore — Staple is the brand of the Gatsby. You can ask Hunt anytime you see him about this iconic brand from NYC.

Us versus Them – The California youth has never been tame. Us Versus Them was seen on Daniel Marley in Aspen last year at X Games. Since then we have watched them explode on the scene. You can try to keep up with their Instagram account or you can start fresh with some of their ’13 spring line. It’s great for the coastal weather and late nights on the beach.

10 Deep – Hunt makes the interns write about this brand as their training. One of the grimiest and grittiest brands from NYC – 10 DEEP. It’s hard like the concrete of the streets. It’s fresh like morning donuts. And they are nothing but Gatsby. The camo, patterns, and rugged built products has been in our arsenal for a while. Enjoy a part of the GGFam…

In4Mation – Hawaii has more lifestyle than you know. It’s more than hula skirts and tourists. The locals…and we mean In4Mation…have been keeping us informed on the streets since Day 1. The first feature ever written was about Jun Jo, the OG In4Mant, and they have been bringing the island heat ever since. The “hi” hat that is infamous for Hunt to the new “legalize Hawaii” campaign they are pushing. We just want you to get in before it’s too late….In4Mation is coming for ya!!!!



Civil Clothing LA – Coco’s favorite this season – The new patterns, great cuts, and amazing fabrics will keep you wanting more. The LA lifestyle is none better captured then with the Civil fam. The light summer feel will make everyone wanting to go back to Hotel California….

Marc Jacobs – nuff said…..He took over as Creative Director for Diet Coke this year and he is bringing the same MJ touch to the spring fashion. Light, airy, and colorful were Coco’s remarks about the collection. You should get informed any way you can on this lasting brand of Gatsby.

Alternate Decision Clothing – The Denver fashion line has some great wears for the ladies of black and street fashion. The Spring/Summer ’13 collection keeps your mind on the clothes and your head in the clouds. Take a page out of our local network and get yourself some today.

GRAY ASPEN – Sarah has completely redesigned the image and store in Aspen. The new showroom is something out of the Great Gatsby movie. If you can’t make it to Aspen, check out their facebook and get your garments ready for a new image, new feel, and same quality as always for the Queens in Aspen.

Dolce & Gabbana – The new spring/summer line has great class and timeless beauty with their colors, accessories, and touch on luxurious tastes. The gowns and evening arsenal is astounding and the spring colors are alive at D&G…

PRADA – why change it if it aint broke 😉



Gourmet – If you don’t know – now you do – Gourmet has been bringing the shoe game proper from NYC for a minute. There is no denying the straight murked out sneaks or the great duck boot that has been seen on all sides of this country. Our resident sneaker head had this to say, “You got your Nike heads, your van kids, and then you have your Gourmet OG’s – that’s how I spit that.”

Del Toro – The bull aka the shoes aka the hottest brand to hit the shelves in 2012. Del Toro has something special and they know it. From GQ to Vogue, Del Toro has been on Dwayne Wade’s feet and Bruno Mar’s. The chukkas, the slip ones, and the custom aspects in production keep this brand on our desk daily. Get yours and watch the other people drool….

BLENDS – SD, LA, OC, and online – BLENDS keeps it Gatsby. Hunt used to swing by weekly when he lived in San Diego to see the Market street shop, the crew, and smell the fresh shoes (he’s a pervert like that). You need to get on their Instagram game because they are dropping the heaterz daily for the spring. Hunt even is looking at tickets to fly down for a day or sneaker love…….fyi

Ruthie Davis – “The higher the heel the hotter the woman.” This line is something that Ruthie Davis takes to heart. Her heels are beautiful and are bringing the ladies back to the “stilts.” We have them in our office weekly to see the new colors, styles, and straps for the spring. This is something for the Coco Gatbsy’s only….you have been warned.

Jeffrey Campbell – The air plastic sole chunk was unbelievable, the lace tie up is to-die-for, and the full length boots will make men whimper. Campbell has brought it back again and again with the spring collection. The hidden chunks and the new gold & black are something you will see around the entertainment world……don’t sleep on JC!!!

Vans – Grab a half cab or a slip on and start your day. Skate, bike, walk, or enjoy the day with your Vans. The new spring earth tone colors are great to grab before your next adventure abroad. Classic never felt so good as Vans. If you have a street kid bday coming up —- nothing better than a new pair of black slip ons.



K2O jewelry – We learned of this brand last year from the WLG. K2O is proper as it gets. The style and designs are perfect for today’s woman. Their long earrings and great cuffs make for a dazzling evening pair. The “who’s who” of NYC are rocking them daily. Make sure to get them now before it costs an arm and a leg….

5&ADime – From custom cars to moustache combs. This place is the spot for lifestyle accessories. The design school in town even makes them display cases for their inventory. Jason Huggins has been moving the SD scene for years now and this spring is no different. Get your class act at 5&ADime!!!!

ROAM – Proven professional travelers Sammy and Mike have made their line, ROAM, up to snuff for the “catch me if you can” kids. The back pack is rugged, man-made in Bali, and includes a backpack-laptop combo (2 bags in one). We’ve seen their travels to Alaska, Bali, and the coasts for a while now. If you are a wandering gypsy….this is your brand.

Brixton – We have had a hat from Brixton since ’06…and it’s made from paper. Jason used to play indoor soccer with Hunt in SoCal. Their hats are solid. Their lifestyle is everywhere and their products are style infused. The hats, shirts, and accessories from Brixton never cease to amaze the GGFam. Make sure to grab your new cap from the GGFam.

Beatrice Holiday – Upcycle & Bicycle rhyme and they are both together with Beatrice Holiday. The chain earrings, the tire tube necklace, the bike bags, and the colors are what bring us back again and again. We found Beatrice in 2011 in Denver. Since then she has taken off to LA and is making waves with her green living brand. Grab some jewelry for your favorite fixie kid.

Alex & Chloe – Sexy, youthful, and inspired – You can grab your “Ballin” beanie or the gold tooth necklace to keep the haters at bay this spring. If you like Black Scale…then you will crumble at Alex & Chloe. The style is perfect for the Coco Gatsby’s of today. Make sure to smile with a tilted grin at the people who don’t understand….

Audemars Piguet – Gatsby Watches for the true Trumps….High end watches that many of today’s billionaires are grabbing before they become an antique family heirloom. The metal swatches are ridic!!!! Check out the brand that is making Hunt ask “That is real talk….no jokes.”



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