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Meet the GGStaff

We have expanded in 2014 like never before. We have new contributors to the site from all over the nation. The SoCal beach to the East Coast rat race…..We have what you need with the features, pictures, videos, and breaking news from The Grimey Gatsby. Hunt sent over a little something for you to read and introduce the staff. Enjoy!!!

“I built this brand to be a connective wavelength in the street culture of today. A web of people, brands, and parties that bring us all together for a common goal….happiness and interaction. We love historic fashion, we jam out to great music, we will never miss a party just for some extra Zzz’s and those characteristics make us stronger than any brand out there. We live our lifestyle every minute of every day. Grimey Gatsby was founded on being active, being positive, and being Gatsby….and for that I am blessed to announce our first year of staff writers and contributors that will be spreading the grime & keeping it Gatsby every damn day!!!! I’ve been waiting for 4 years to get to the next level and 2014 has exploded with so much for us to enjoy that we had to bring it to you on the streets. The interns, the events, the building of the brand, the late nights, the early flights, and the missed meals have all come full circle. I love what I do so I can’t call it ‘work’ and I know these people embody the passion of the real Gatsby. Please meet the GGStaff for 2014…..follow them on instagram & twitter, friend their ass on Facebook, introduce yourself at the next party, and make sure to devour the features they bring……Buy the ticket; take the ride.” – Hunt, President @GrimeyGatsby

ALEX FOUNTAIN  @fountainofmedia

Graphic Design, 3D, and web master

Alex Fountain has been around the Grimey Gatsby life for a while now. Hunt and Alex attended Towson University together and played lacrosse for the Tigers. He was the first graphic designer that Hunt ever used for his companies, branding, and logos. Since 2003, Alex and Hunt have been creating brands, designing logos, clothing lines, and animated commercials for the counter culture, mainstream, and music world. With a history in design (graphic, 3D, animated, and anything else), Alex has owned garages, traveled the world, and is now based in Denver to make the magic happen for the GGFam. A true outdoorsman and great mechanic for any roadtrip!!!


JACK DANIEL  @thepridefulscribe

Those SoCal sun rays don’t have nothing on our Jack!!

Steady smiling down here in So Cal, I’m just that big-eared, red-bearded dude packin’ a Canon and a Cookies Jar full of chronic. I’m a son and a brother, a husband and a father, a writer, a photographer, a coach, a sales guru, and I seem to remind a lot of people of an old friend who they haven’t seen in way too long. My father named me Jack Daniel, but I rarely touch the stuff, although I’m pretty much down for whatever…as long as there is a smart discussion during, and a story to tell after. I killed cancer with Master Kush in 2010, and have been writing about the cannabis culture, both in print and across the web, ever since. Big questions and shared experiences excite me, so landing with the #GGFam has me even higher than usual. The way I see it, there is creating, and there is working…if you can find a way to combine the two, you are beating the system and living that #GrimeyGatsby life. Music, food, media, product, and cannabis reviews – I’m stoked to share my view with you. Stay Grimey, buds!


ERYN JONES  @erynjoooones

4Pieces, Hip Hop, Denver, Outdoors

Eryn is a Colorado native from a small town in the mountains near Pikes Peak where she lived for 18 long years before moving to Denver for college in 2007. She studied communications and public relations at CU Denver and graduated in 2011. During college, she became involved with and extremely passionate about the medical marijuana industry, which she still works in and advocates for today. For the past year, she has been managing social media and writing for the Grimey Gatsby and #4pieces. In her spare time, Eryn loves traveling, surfing, spending time in the Colorado mountains, listening to and attending hip-hop shows, and writing about herself in the third-person. Her ultimate, and perhaps one unattainable goal is to one day be a surf bum in Hawaii.


DANIELLE ERIN  @daniicalifornia_

Living the LA dream one day at a time…

Danielle Erin was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and attempted to write her first book at the age of four. She loves her hometown and feels that it provides infinite inspiration for her writing with its contrast of grit and luxury, the same things that made her feel immediately comfortable working with The Grimey Gatsby brand. Her favorite authors and inspirations include Hunter S. Thompson, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, F. Scott Fitzgerald and the bard himself, William Shakespeare. When she is not writing, Danielle enjoys traveling, exploring new or little-known places in Los Angeles and spending time with her “child”, a five pound chihuahua named Sancho. In the past she has written for Pretties Love Pitties, a California-based pit bull rescue organization, The Potcast, a podcast that focuses on all things having to do with marijuana and many other projects.


Martin Osborn @o_z.z_y

Social topics, current events, breaking news, music

After moving all over America, Martin Osborn has dropped anchor in the Denver area. Following a career in teaching and competitive debate he is currently developing Correct Mail, a service to address the mail fraud of senior citizens. Martin writes for GG on topics such as social justice, racism, police brutality, and rap music. He was educated at Missouri State and Wake Forest.

Chris Schott

Social Media, edm music, Denver lifestyle

Chris was born and raised in Denver Colorado. He loves it here, and some of his favorite things to do are produce/mix Dubstep and Drum & Bass music, skateboard, snowboard, smoke herb, get globby, party like a rock star, and he’s one of the most peaceful people on the planet. Chris has a Beautiful Wife and a Gorgeous Baby girl, who is almost 1, and You can honestly see that the girl is the love of his life. He is super excited for the years to come with my new family, and the places we will adventure to along the way. “Hate is baggage, life is too short to be pissed off all of the time.”

Courtney Gilmore

Hollywood, Arts, and Culture


Courtney has been writing since she could hold a pencil, and has not stopped since. Born and raised in Los Angeles, a 3rd Generation “Valley Girl” who was promoting and creating Metal and Punk shows on the streets of Hollywood starting at 14. Her passions are writing, music, and talking to anyone who will listen. Courtney is an loud and proud Activist raising awareness for Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, and Long QT Syndrome; all disorders that have personally affected her family. With a unique voice and perspective, Courtney always gets the facts, which you will read all about on The Grimey Gatsby.


Jacob O’Connor

Mountains, Nature, & Going big

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 8.43.03 PM

Raised in the Roaring Fork Valley around Aspen, Colorado, Jacob has always been infatuated
with the outdoor lifestyle. While attending CU Boulder, he spent 4 months abroad in Costa Rica studying tropical ecosystems and La Cerveza Imperial. After graduating, Jacob spent a year back home in Aspen dialing his skills as a competitive free skier. Ready for something new, Jacob and his girlfriend Lucy Higgins moved out to Vermont to establish a non-profit organization focused on environmental education (vermontpeacecenter.org). Now, he splits his time between Vermont
and Colorado, spending summers in the Green Mountains and his winters skiing and   traveling out west.

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