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Published on May 6th, 2014 | by gatsbyadmin


Everyone Needs a Little Mojo

If there was something that you could consume that was healthy, energized you, was conscious of being environmentally friendly and actively contributed to you having a good time without intoxication, would you try it? If so, let me introduce you to Mojo Agua, the only brand of water you’ll want to drink from now on. This week I met up with one of the founders of Mojo Agua and learned all about the inspiration behind the brand as well as why it is above and beyond any other water company presently on the market.

The idea for Mojo Agua started organically, with a conversation between friends. Certain brands of water come with a certain affiliation, whether it’s intentionally marketed that way or not; there’s the high-end water, the sports water, etc. What these friends realized during their conversation was that there was still a water market that was as yet untapped and that this market encompassed a huge demographic: event/party water.

The premise behind Mojo Agua was to create a superior product that not only hydrated you during these events, but actually contributed to having a good time. Like any great product, some of the original concepts that led up to the final product were pretty interesting; sparkling lights, edible glitter and other out-there concepts. However, the final format they settled on was both simple and effective. The bottles have a unique, patent-pending electronic label attached to the bottom. When pushed, the label activates a micro LED which illuminates the contents of the bottle (they come in different colors and can show as both a steady light or in different pulsations) and lasts several hours depending on how much you use the light. It was ideal for adding atmosphere and fun to any party and, because of the range of colors, customizable for any event or company.

Although Mojo Agua has accomplished the feat of creating the only water company on the market whose product actively participates in the enjoyment of it’s consumers, there are a few other factors that push it even further ahead of the competition. After designing such aesthetically enhancing packaging, the last thing they wanted was to fill it with an inferior product. This is where the actual quality of the water comes in. Mojo Agua utilizes the Reverse Osmosis purification process which results in Micro Ionized water. What this means is that the water goes through an 11-hour, 13-step filtration process that relies on physical motion rather than preservatives or additives to produce the purest water possible. The result of using cavitation (spinning under pressure at high speeds) is that the final product is made of smaller, more easily absorbed water clusters, therefore increasing the rate of absorption and making it easier for the consumer to hydrate. Obviously staying hydrated is important at all times, but at some of these night-time events and parties, it’s crucial.

Recently, the makers of Mojo Agua decided to improve their product even further. Most water is packaged in plastic bottles (with the exception of a few which come in glass) and Mojo is no different. However, they did take into consideration that purchasing water throughout the duration of most events – and some of them last several days – can get pretty pricey, not to mention the waste that occurs when people use so many bottles and/or fail to recycle them. Their solution to this dilemma was to utilize a material that was of a more durable and higher quality than the average water bottle. Not only are the bottles and battery both recyclable, but the material used is of such a caliber that it is reusable and will last for several days before it begins to wear down like the average container. In this sense, it is a cross somewhere between your average water packaging and a personal water bottle that you would just wash and reuse as needed. They also offer incentives to their customers who recycle their products in the proper way.  Unlike most water companies in existence today, Mojo Agua is not all about profit. They are determined to create a product that is of the highest quality while still being conscious of the cost to consumers as well as the environment.

Although they are marketed as an event/party water, Mojo Agua is for everyone. There product also comes in bottles that do not light up for those who simply refuse to consume anything but the best and they cater to an incredibly wide consumer base; from children’s events to EDM shows, gay rights/pride events to strip clubs, and everyone in between. After all, as the founder so perfectly put it, “We’re all human and we’re all 80% water; everyone needs water and therefore Mojo is for everyone.”

Mojo Agua can currently be found at select retailers and numerous events around the country. It is also available for personal purchase on their website in both the plain bottles as well as a range of light-up colors. Visit their website and pick up a few bottles of the only water that actually participates in your good time; because after all, everybody could use a little Mojo in their life.


Written by Danielle Erin

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