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Juicy is the New Skinny

The Summer Solstice will be here soon and things are heating up. In fact, in sunny California, it’s probably been summer for the past three or four months already (we only have three seasons; what is winter?). As the temperatures rise, clothing comes off and here in Los Angeles, it really comes off. I’ve said it before and I will say it again: Los Angeles, California is a city awash in superficiality, due in large part to “The Industry” (and its obsession with appearance) that is so much a part of California culture. Being a woman, any and all social media that I am on has lately been completely inundated with advertising for the beauty industry in what I have collectively dubbed “The Bikini Bod Ads.”

This year, rather than focusing on my physical appearance – as most of these dieting and extreme exercise programs would have me do – I’ve made a conscious decision to focus less on the outside and more on actually being healthy and fit. Since I am no longer the super-active athlete of my youth, I’ve had to pay more attention to what I’m consuming to compensate for my lowered levels of physical activity. When I made this decision, I was lucky in that I had the opportunity to evaluate the levels of antioxidants in my system through a testing tool utilized in my work, the Pharmanex Biophotonic Scanner. In simplistic terms (I don’t pretend to fully understand the science behind it), the scanner utilizes a low-energy blue light to scan your palm and read your SCS – skin carotenoid score – which has a direct correlation to your antioxidant levels. Antioxidants are the body’s main protection against oxidation, the degenerative process caused by free radicals in your system. Therefore, the higher the levels of antioxidants, the greater the defenses against the deterioration of health.

I thought I was eating fairly well until I saw my first SCS; it was abysmal and I was definitely on the low end of the spectrum. Rather than becoming a slave to supplements, I decided to take a more natural course and turned to something I had really enjoyed when I was younger; juicing. No, not juicing as in steroids – that would fall into the “bikini bod” plan category and if you’ve seen me, you would laugh at that thought – but juicing as in consuming the liquids from fruits and vegetables in order to increase my antioxidant levels.

Fruits and vegetables are rich in naturally occurring vitamins and minerals and are superior to their synthetic counterparts found in supplements. In fruits and vegetables, these vitamins and minerals, along with amino acids, naturally bond in a process called chelation and in such a form are more recognizable and therefore more easily absorbed by the body than synthetic versions. Obviously I am not a doctor, scientist or medical professional. Thus ends my admittedly limited knowledge of the more scientific explanations of why juicing is so good for your health. Once I had done some research, there was nothing left for me to do but try it.

The SCS provided by the Biophotonic Scanner is based on long-term changes in a health regimen, taking up to 6-8 weeks to register the increase or decrease in antioxidants based upon lifestyle choices. It definitely requires commitment so I decided to start juicing at least three to four times a week and, just to be safe, give it three months before I checked my score again. I realize that this was probably a fairly small change but, (in addition to choosing healthier options), replacing more meals than that on an as yet unproven method was just unrealistic for me – I love my food. But lo and behold, three months later when I performed the scan again, there was a marked increase in my score. The efficacy of consuming raw natural juices to improve my health was proven to me through a personal trial with proof of results.

I encourage others to try juicing and track their results to see just how big of a difference it makes in their health and how they feel. I’ve included some of my favorite juice combinations below with more goal-oriented details to get you started. (I provided yields but not proportions since it allows for experimentation based on taste preference). Try these or research the benefits of other fruit and vegetable juices to come up with your own personalized concoctions. Scanning technology is also becoming increasingly popular so it is now fairly easy to find a location or health care facility that performs the test if, like me, you’re the “seeing is believing” type. So while I may not be “bikini ready” according to Los Angeles standards, I sure as hell feel amazing and am content with the results I achieved so far by making relatively small changes. That type of happiness and confidence is damn sexy and worth way more than a temporary “bikini body” achieved through questionable methods.
Beauty Juice

Apple High mineral content promotes healthy skin, hair and nails. Juice unpeeled appeles to take full advantage of the vitamin A content. (About 6-8oz. of juice per 1lb. of apples)
Cucumber Promotes elasticity and flexibility in skin and muscle cells. Rejuvenates the appearance of skin, hair and nails. (About 4-6 oz. of juice per 1lb. of unpeeled cucumber)
Wheatgrass Anti-aing effects. Also the “grass juice factor.” (About 6-8oz. per 1lb. of wheatgrass)

Liver Cleanse

Grape Is a metabolism stimulator which helps burn excess waste more rapidly. (About 8oz. of juice per 1lb. of grapes)
Apple Activates the body’s defense against bacterial toxins and absorbs and dissolves toxins. (About 6-8oz. of juice per 1lb. of apples)

Heart Health

Orange Improves the permeability and strength of capillary walls. (About 6-8oz. of juice per 1lb. of oranges)
Papaya Strengthens the body’s blood coagulating ability. (About 1-3oz. of juice per 1lb. of papaya)

Fluid Retention

Cranberry Natural diuretic and urinary tract cleanser. (About 4-6oz. of juice per 1lb. of cranberries)
Strawberry A mild diuretic, cleanses the blood, tissues and muscles and contains organic salycilates, a natural painkiller. (About 4-5oz. of juice per 1lb. of strawberries)
Watermelon Helps to eliminate excess fluids from the body and cleanses the bladder and kidneys. Juice with the rind for maximum mineral and chlorophyll content. (About 4-5oz. of juice per 1lb. of watermelon)

Blood Pressure

Beet/Beet Greens Contains high-quality iron that is more efficiently used by the body; iron is a builder of blood corpuscles. (About 6-8oz. per 1lb. of beets or beet greens)
Cabbage Sprout Cleansing effect due to high concentrations of vitamins B-6 and C as well as minerals, including chlorine, iodine, potassium and sulfur. Can cause gas, so if intestinal cramping occurs, dilute or reduce the amount used. (About 6oz. juice per 1lb. of cabbage/cabbage sprouts)

Anti-Aging Juice

Watermelon High levels of potassium and vitamin A contribute to the anti-aging properties. (About 6-8oz. of juice per 1lb. of watermelon)
Wheatgrass Protects the lungs and blood from pollution, including environmental factors such as cigarette smoke, toxins and heave metals. (About 6-8oz. of juicer per 1lb. of wheatgrass)


Beet/Beet Greens High concentrations of vitamins and minerals aid in healthy circulation as well as building red blood cell counts. (About 6-8oz. of juice per 1lb. of beets/beet greens)
Kale High chlorophyll content helps to increase red cell count and oxygen in blood, resulting in improved circulation and cell respiration. (About 6oz. of juice per 1lb. of kale)
Purslane Stimulates the heart and circulation. Mineral content or purslane juice aids in maintaining proper fluid balance. Since it is more cleanser than builder, modify intake. (About 2-4oz. of juice per 1lb. of purslane)

Sexy Skin

Carrot High protein and mineral content can help to improve the appearance of skin, hair and nails. An over-all health juice for organ function as well as appearance. (About 6-8oz. of juice per 1lb. of carrots)
Dandelion Greens A powerful cleanser and alkalizer of blood. (About 1oz. of juice per 4-5 dandelion leaves)
Tomato Highly cleansing and adds to the store of minerals in the body. Do not use canned tomatoes/tomato juice; these can acidify the blood and draw minerals from bodily tissue. Avoid hothouse tomatoes as well as these are picked green and then gassed to change their color. (About 8-10oz. of juice per 1lb. of tomatoes)

Weight Loss

Lemon Increases energy levels and aids in metabolic balance. Mild cleanser of the small intestine and stomach. (About 4-5oz. of juice per 1lb. of lemons)
Lime Same properties as lemon juice but with a milder taste and is slightly less powerful as a cleanser. (About 4-5oz. of juice per 1lb. of lemons
Orange Cleanses and tones the gastrointestinal tract. (About 6-8oz. of juice per 1lb. of oranges)


Written By: Danielle Erin

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