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Creedence Clearwater Revisited

We were contacted by a press agent for CCR last month about a new tour covering the US. The office instantly went into a buzz about the interview, being able to see Stu and Cosmo live on stage, and the soundtrack of America that they have set over the decades. Stu and Cosmos (Clifford) carried the rhythm section for numerous bands in the 50’s and 60’s before the Credence Clearwater Revival explosion occured. They are synonymous with the Soundtrack of America….they are in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame….they have shaped the music we have heard our entire lives….and they have more passion for music in one finger than most of us will ever be able to witness in our life. Creedence Revisited  has announced their tour dates and will be blasting speakers all over the country.

The stories of their CCR days are well known but the times have changed. We hope to bring more history of Rock and Roll to the audience and also for the GGFam. We are sure we could name some of the 120 movies they have been featured in the soundtrack to jog your memory…….here’s a few:

The Johnny Cash Show – An American Werewolf in London – Where the Buffalo Roam – Knight Rider – The Twilight Zone – The Return of Swamp Thing – Forrest Gump – The Big Lebowski – Entourage – GTA: San Andreas – The Sopranos – Into the Wild – Dexter

Hunt has been asked to sit in with the Marleys in Miami, had calls with the Rolling Stones before tour announcements, is usually found around the backstage area of your local venue, and was very excited to have this chance to speak with Stu and Doug about their legacy of sound. Hunt started up his fast talking excitement, “I’ve been listening to their music since I was born. My father had their albums…which are now my albums. I’ve partied in the wilderness to their anthems….I’ve sat on the beaches of the west coast and sang their lyrics. If anything at all I hope to learn the dedication it takes to become a part of the Soundtrack of America. Being able to see them in Denver this summer is a true blessing….I’ve lived my life like they sing their songs…full of passion and focus….this is gonna be a big day for GG!!!!”

After that type of introduction….here’s the interview that followed…..Stu Cook and Doug “Cosmo” Clifford of CCR.

GG: What were you all doing when you wrote “Born on the Bijou”?

Cosmo: People ask this often and there’s two stories that people think are real…here’s the story from the drummer that didn’t get a shiny new amp to test out….We were either in LA and the boys just got their new amps to test out….we were testing the inputs, outputs, the feedback, the over all sound, and matching them to eachothers instruments….The kept tell me to keep quiet cause they couldn’t hear all the sounds from the new amps….I got tired of that after a while and started to play into the chords….it was never rehearsed…it was all brand new….after we heard it we rehearsed it for a long time to get it right…that was “our” sound…..and we debuted the tune at the Avalon Ballroom in San Fran…..the rest is…well…pretty well written history I guess…..we had no clue when it happened….

GG: Favorite breakfast from your years on the road?

CR: I like my fruit and always have but now-a-days it’s Raisin Bran….berries are the best…..staying healthy is a big part of playing music for decades…..

GG: What similairities do you still see today from the 60’s/70’s in the music industry?

CR: Idiots and Thieves will always be around…..that will never change….

GG: What advice do you have for any bands or musicians that have just started in the biz?

CR: From when I started and what the industry is now…has been a complete 180 but some things are still the same….be true to yourself, be careful about signing any docuements, find a good lawyer, and in the end you should be able to laugh and love what you do…..that’s a big part of staying true to yourself….

GG: How did the current events around you for the sound of Credence in the 60’s and 70’s?

CR: I don’t think they formed the sound as much as they continually altered our content and writing….we were in the middle of segregation, women’s lib, Vietnam, and life in the US was changing…it was evolving…..We were just kids trying to enjoy ourselves and play music….the writing of the songs was what the world shaped….that’s how life works I guess

GG: Any superstitions or routines before you take the stage?

CR: No superstitions…but I do have a routine for getting my body ready to play drums for the show….as drummer we use all 4 limbs, moving all the time, and for the entire show….we never get a song “off” to relax until the end of the show……so I do a lot of stretching and then I get my heart rate up for the show and all the movement….diet, health, and staying in shape are the reasons I’m still here playing…..

GG: What bands do you listen to these days?

CR: I like bands, horn sections, great drummers, and many different genre’s of music……Bruno Mars is a recent favorite…you can tell he’s in a band, his bandmates love him, he’s a great drummer, and his horn section is top notch….I also have some peers of mine that I keep on rotation – Bonnie Ratt, James Brown, and real R&B….not what they play on the radio these days….the old school R&B from when I was growing up…

GG: Since your music is featured in movies, on commercials, and with many brands and events….what is the oddest thing you’ve heard your music being used with? Any weird products or unexpected opportunities you have seen?

CR: Man…this one is easy….the music label thought they were gonna make all this money from a movie pitch from some studio execs…..I had no clue what the movie was about but I didn’t even stay to watch the entire film….The Return of Swamp Thing — “Born on the Bijou” was the oddest pairing I ever saw with our music…..

GG: Can you name some other bands that you both carried the rhythm section for other than Doug Sahm and CCR from your beginning years?

CR: I believe you are speaking about the “Don Harrison” projects and records that we made. I have written songs, produced records, produced tours, toured, and also running recording studios….I had a lot of fun with all of it…We did have some other projects we worked on but the Harrison project was the one most known…..

GG: With all the years of music, performing, traveling, and business…what thoughts do you have on for generation today?

CR: Wow, that’s a deep one but it’s an easy answer I think….it’s a labor of love for me and without all the fans and all the years of practice…I wouldn’t be able to laugh at the hard times and smile at the people that told me a bunch of young trippy kids couldn’t make a living screaming in a tin can….it’s about staying true to yourself, being responsible to the fans, and enjoy the travel…I get paid to travel…not paid to play…I love to play….I love music…Focus on today and make sure you can perform for your audience…that’s being responsible…even with a bus full of beer traveling the country with a bunch of musicians….it’s still just loving what you do….play, party, and be ready….

Credence Clearwater Revisited is playing in Denver on July 27th in Littleton.

We would advise you to grab your ticket now so that you don’t miss this great event. Also we wanted to share the Woodstock Performance of infamy that was not allowed on the Woodstock Soundtrack Album for our audience to see CCR. Enjoy!!!!

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