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Stereoloud Interview

Happy Thanksgiving y’all!  Who is ready for some Meat and Potatoes?!  StereoLoud composed of two talented gentlemen, Mr. Ray Krol and Mr. Zack McMarlin debut Rocket Fuel’s contrasting counterpart, Meat and Potatoes just in time for the holidays.  The Grimey Gatsby recently had a chance to chit chat it up with the dynamic pair about their newest project and a bit of the history leading up to this badass EP production.  Expand your musical horizons; give your ears a twist with fresh beats and smooth rap.  Learn a little more about this creative, collaborative, unique duo!  Ladies and gents, I give you StereoLoud.

GG: How did you two meet?

Ray: I was working at a skateboard shop in MI and Zack came in passing out flyers for an upcoming show he had and we chopped it up about music and have worked together ever since.

Zack: I was passing out flyers and mix tapes and ran into Ray Ray at Corky’s off Gratiot where he was working. We talked about music; I went into his car and listened to his beats.  I gave him my mix tape and we met up on a Sunday like a week later and started making music.

GG: What do you like most about your profession?

Ray: Having the freedom to experiment with sounds, and express myself through music.  It’s a rewarding feeling creating something.

Zack: I never have to question or second guess it. Creative outlets have always dictated my life and continue to make me who I am. Make me more me if you will. So what I like I most about my profession is the feeling of doing absolutely what I want to do and that feeling just right.

GG: If you hadn’t been born in this century, when and where would you have like to have lived?

Ray: I really like this century most out of all the centuries.

Zack: Maybe in the 16th century in Japan so I could be a ninja assassin and throw ninja stars. Maybe in the future when we can live and travel to other planets with cities on them and more stuff to do on them. For the most part, I think my answer is this century because anything before it won’t have Rap/Hip Hop music.

GG: You just released your newest project; Meat and Potatoes… talk about its journey?

Ray: You probably think it is a record about food right?  Meat and Potatoes is a more raw version of our sound and for this project we dialed it into a more simplistic approach.  Just some crackly old loops and lots and lots of bars spit over them.  This record is in contrast to Rocket Fuel which came out in June and was more progressive/futuristic and electronic sounding.  Rocket Fuel along with Meat and Potatoes are of a two part series in which we planned on them each having two distinctly different sounds.

Zack: For me the journey was kind of therapeutic as far as the writing process goes. Meat and Potatoes is not about food but the music is supposed to bring you the same wholesome feeling as an actual plate of Meat and Potatoes or Pot Roast would when eating with your family, cozy inside your crib on a holiday like Thanksgiving. Alot of the lyrics are inspired by the things my Grandpa has either taught me or said to me that have just stuck in my head my whole life. Since Meat and Potatoes is the second slice of our two-part EP series, I would say Rocket Fuel is something you can start listening to right away, just enjoy and vibe out with replay value. Meat and Potatoes running time is just about the same as Rocket Fuel but when you listen, it will seem longer and thicker with more to digest. Rocket Fuels personality is very extraverted. Meat and Potatoes personality is very introverted.

GG: What track are you the most proud of to date?

Ray:  “Fresh” turned out really dope.

Zack: “Fresh” is really dope but I think I am proud of different tracks of ours in different ways for different reasons but yes “Fresh” is dope.

GG: Paint a setting for us here in Denver, what are your shows like?

Ray:  Well we like to think our shows are awesome; we have a growing catalog to pick from for our sets so we try to make every show better and different.  And we always have something new to perform along with our older songs people really like.  The crowds in Charlotte are great.

Zack: I think the contrast and chemistry between Ray and I on stage is entertaining for the crowd. Our shows are high in energy and display a lot of skill and talent. I think we are pretty damn good at reading the energy of a crowd and pulling them into our music.

GG: Ray, what is the one thing you miss most about Detroit?

Ray: Family (that is an obvious one) second to that……CONEY!

GG: If you could only have one food condiment for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Ray: I have been mixing ranch and hot sauce lately, could I have that mixture?  If not I guess it would just be hot sauce.

Zack: Cholula Hot Sauce.

GG: Who are your three biggest inspirations musically?

Ray:  Matt Skiba, Black Milk, and Matthew Dear.

Zack: Kool Keith, Beastie Boys, and Rage Against the Machine.

GG: Tell us about your work with DSJR.

Ray:  Dale and I are good friends and there was a period of time where he would come over every Saturday and we would work on music.  We ended up making 5 or 6 tracks. Zack wanted to Rap on three of those tracks so they ended up in StereoLoud projects.  It’s always fun to collaborate with other people on music; it keeps things fresh and exciting.

GG: Do you have plans to perform outside of North Carolina any time soon?

Ray: Definitely

Zack: Oh yeah, we just did a show in ATL with our friends from Permanent Vacation for A3C; we want to make it around the Southeast, Southwest, and Midwest in 2015/2016.

GG: What do you like to do when you are not making music?

Ray:  Reddit…

Zack:  Listen to music.

GG: What is next for StereoLoud, what can we expect from you guys in 2015?

Ray: Right now we are planning out our touring situation for the spring time, and just stock piling a bunch of music for our next full length project.

Zack: Ditto to Ray Ray right there. Shows and making music full effect are all that matters right now.


So there you have it.  DJ Ray and Zack aka “Exactly” producing that raw, funky, experimental hip hop with zero intention to slow down.  Want to keep tabs on these guys?  StereoLoud is on Facebook and Instagram.  Follow StereoLoud on Twitter @OSTEREOLOUDO.   To get a full serving of Meat and Potatoes, visit  Spread the grime and keep it gatsby this holiday folks, thanks for tuning in!


Interviewed by: Jessica Frost

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