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Euphoria Music Festival

Are you thinking about attending EMCF this year?  Check out this review we wrote based off our experiences last year!

Austin, TX.  Oooohhhh baby!  That is one spicy, sexy, bumpin’ city.  It was a long 16 hour drive, but totally worth every minute.  Arrival time: 2pm.  The sun was high and mighty.  Let’s get dirty, let’s get lost.

Euphoria Music and Camping Festival.  Right on the gorgeous Colorado River sits Carson creek ranch.  It is the first year camping was available to attendees.  It sold out.  Upon arrival, festival goers wind back through a couple of dirt roads and are greeted by a friendly staff member who directs us to park our car.  We don’t park next to our camping spot?  That was my initial thought, weird.

Park. Unload. Carry all your shit to the camping entrance. We got sweaty but it wasn’t as bad as it sounds.  We arrived at the perfect time.  Joe and I, oh, wait… Let me back up… Joe is my best friend, and my date for the weekend.  We are tent pros, so we got our stuff up in a timely manner and decided to hang out a bit and meet a few people.

One of the best parts about euphoria music festival was the people that attended.  After settling in, we were approached by a lad who was from Austin, he sat down with us for a while, we got to know each other, and shared some stories, and then he headed out.  Our other neighbors were first time festival campers, they couldn’t have picked a better spot, and it felt good to be resourceful to another couple.  Camping was not set up like what I’m used to.  There were rows of alternating sets of cars and tents.  Euphoria gave no fucks.  Put your tent up wherever you want, it was awesome.  Chillin’ at our campsite, we could hear Sunsquabi, a Colorado favorite, playing from the venue.

It is early evening as Joe and I make our way to the festival grounds.  I say make our way like we are going on a 3 day expedition.  At euphoria, people do not have to walk a mile to get to the venue entrance where one must wait another 20 minutes or longer to get their items searched.  Nope.  At euphoria, one is only a 5-10 minute walk to the venue entrance, and there was hardly a line, ever. Sayyyy whhaaa..??!!  That’s right, people were free to come and go as much as they wanted with a light feel of your bag if you had one.  Since camping was just outside of the festival grounds, that made things so convenient!

Ps. Euphoria music and camping festival offered free water and showers the entire weekend. End note.

Moving on to the venue set up.  3 stages.  One main stage in front of a huge fielded area, named the euphoria stage.  One stage under a huge tent at the camping entrance, named unearth tent.  And the third stage was down a hill on the Colorado River, my favorite, named the dragonfly amphitheater.  Every stage sounded wonderful, and although close in proximity, the tunes from one stage never seemed to drown out another.  There were spots to hang hammocks, mostly near the river and dragonfly stage.  Vendors lined the outskirts of the festival grounds.  It was small, it was personal, I was happy.

We headed to the main stage, where a favorite of ours was playing, Keys and Krates.  We couldn’t have picked a better show to start our weekend off.  The crowd was nice and there was space to dance around up close.  Keys and Krates put on a hype show.  We were moving now, ready to get down.

Another personal favorite played on the euphoria stage after Keys and Krates, the Motet.  But not just the Motet.  They had special guest, Jamiroquai with them!  For all you 90s music fans, I bet you know who that is, for all of you that do not, look him up.  Joe was loving this, and I love him, a lot of good laughs during this show.  We were in the field, near an art installation, watching from the distance.

After uncontrollable laughing continued between us, Joe and I decided to head back to the tent before going to beats antique.  I had to grab my hoop.

Fast forward.  Beats antique takes the stage.  They opened with some of their new music.  I love beats, and I can appreciate their creativity.  But if you want my opinion and since this whole review is my opinion, I just want to say that their new stuff does not seem to be what the fans want to hear these days.  The show was just meh, until they busted out some of their oldies that are goodies.  It was a great way to end their set.

Boombox was next at the unearth tent.  Perfect setting.  The tent walls were white and the lights reflected perfectly making one feel as though they were in a lucid dream.  And the sound was so good here, notes just bouncing off the dome walls right into our ears.  We had a spot right up front, again, no pushing or shoving, just happy souls, getting funky with one another.

Wrapping up night one was Zedds dead, which I had never witnessed live before.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  It was super fun!  Music in Austin seemed to just make me want to jump around throwing my body in every direction.  Sassy.  Hot tamale.  Shake ya booty.  Move your body.  Boom.  The beat drops.  The crowd goes bonkers.  Lights are everywhere.   Hoopers.  Artists.  Rage sticks.  Costumes.  All of it.  And when that beat dropped, not a single soul was still.  Pure bliss.  Something I had been craving.  I have goose bumps right now.

Even though the festival venue closes, that doesn’t mean the party stops.  Euphoria campgrounds had a stage set up right inside.  Music went on until 4am.  Since we had been up for about 48 hours, Joe and I fell asleep shortly after returning to our tent.  What an unforgettable day.

Day two.

We slept in.  Showered.  Refueled.  It was hammock day!  We headed in.  Made a pit stop at the main stage to check out 14 year old house DJ, Elle Morgan.  She was a sight to see up there, just having a damn good ‘ol time.  After Elle, we headed straight to the Colorado River and dragonfly amphitheater.  We put our hammock up within view of the stage.  We relaxed, watched, and listened.  Sonic geometry and a live one serenaded us back to sleep.  I love hammock naps. We were woken up a few hours later by blunt force, which was our favorite “new discovery” group of the weekend.  Check them out on Spotify!  Crawling out of our hammock, we were greeted by our swinging neighbors who offered us an all-natural fruit energy drink from one of the vendors.  It was delicious and just what we needed.  We hung around for another hour or so with the couple, chatting, again, and sharing stories.  Every so often we would get a visitor looking to hang out in our hammocks, of course we said yes!  People shared at euphoria.  Unity was among us.

Back to the tent!  It’s time to get ready for the night.  We put on some warm clothes, grabbed a couple of pizza slices and took off for night two!  We went to the euphoria stage to see crystal method.  Hot damn!  They had all sorts of artists on stage!  Hoopers, fire throwers, pole dancers, and more.  Let it all out ladies and gentlemen, there are no boundaries here.  Euphoria was the first festival that I had brought my hoop too and I was surprised at the talent people had.  There is something different about throwing your hoop around in your backyard as opposed to being in the middle of madness.  I was on cloud nine.

After crystal method, we decided to take a breather and kick it at the dragonfly amphitheater for a bit.  Waiting to hear late night radio, we watched a performance by a group who called themselves crash alchemy.  Something new and different, awesome.  Crash alchemy describes themselves as the “culmination of a group of artists and performers coming together in new and diverse creativity, innovating experience, and combining: performance, music, fine art, and technology in an interactive environment.”  Check them out on Facebook.  It was refreshing to see something new like this.

For some reason, late night radio was pushed back on the schedule, and we had already planned to see closing act and another favorite, lotus.  And it was beautiful as always.  No lotus show is ever the same and we have seen the group numerous times.  We hung around under the trees listening from the back for the first few songs.  Knowing that we could still hear the music loud and clear from our tent, Joe and I decided to call it a night early, and got comfy at our campsite and let lotus take over all our senses except for sight.  We closed our eyes, listened, and slowly drifted off into our dreams.

We woke up the next morning with smiles on our faces.  Euphoria was a short two day festival, but that’s all one really needed here.  Everything was simple, executed effectively, and I forgot to mention how clean the attendees kept the festival and camp grounds.  Being an avid festival goer, I was impressed.  Way to go Austin!  We met so many friendly faces that weekend, and created an unforgettable experience.  We packed up and headed out to find the nearest Torchy’s Tacos restaurant.  Ever been? Mmmmm.

I want to thank my sister, Rhyan for winning a pair of tickets to euphoria music and camping festival via grassroots California hat store.  For my birthday, she sent my best friend and I on an amazing weekend getaway.  Joe and I love you with our whole hearts baby girl.

Peace, love, and light.


 Written by: Jessica Frost 
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