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Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun


Grimey Gatsby Strain Review #5: SOL Selects


SOL Selects

Flavors Sampled: Pink Lemonade, Strawberry, Banana, Tangerine, Godfather OG

Located: Medical Marijuana Dispensaries up and down the coast of Cali

Brief: The SOL process, as I understand it, is more about refining than extracting. They can refine just about anything THC-laden – from bubble hash to BHO – so it is hard to put a generic category label on it as far as “wax” or “oil” or “hash”…

Appearance: 10/10

I was reading my October 2013 Nuggetry review for “The Clear” as part of my lead up to writing this review for SOL, and I realized just how goddamn good that review was in certain aspects hahaha. I highly recommend you scope that one too if you haven’t read it already.

I will just say, right off the bat, that the brains behind SOL used to be an integral part of the team at Clear, but as happens in the business world, individuals parted ways for reasons all their own, and a 2nd company was born. So while there are some pretty cool differences between the product that I reviewed in ’13 and the one I am writing about today, there are also some significant inherent similarities as well… and looks is one of them.

Grimey Gatsby Strain Review #5: SOL Selects

It’s flawless, smooth, and honey-blond. Every jar, every flavor.

Like I mentioned in that previous review, aside from the random air bubble, it’s like a piece of golden stained glass.

Grimey Gatsby Strain Review #5: SOL Selects

Aroma: 10/10

In my previous encounter with this sort of product, the “strain” names had little or nothing to do with what was in the jar. Since that time, and review, I have learned a bit about the process used to make SOL, and the flavors that they have available.

For this review, I was sampling “Banana”, “Strawberry”, “Pink Lemonade”, and a Tangerine blend I forget the name of. None of the jars were labeled when I got them, but I could easily pick them out by smell alone.

The refinement process used by SOL uses variable levels of heat and pressure to strip out virtually everything but the THC from their starting material. In that process, all terpenes are lost, and as a result all flavor and aroma. So, they have partnered with a California lab who is already in the business of professionally extracting natural terpenes from plants like…strawberries…bananas…tangerines. So when you crack that jar of Banana, it’s unmistakable.

Sidenote: I will eat bananas, but anything “banana-flavored” makes me sick usually. Tropical banana Starburst…ughhh….almost as bad as those fucking Taliban members at Skittles changing the green from lime to apple, but I digress….I truly enjoy this Banana SOL product!

 Flavor: 10/10

Much like the smell, its exactly what you expect from the name. Again, I’ve written it before, but the larger the glob, the better the flavor. Since my last review, the carb cap trend has really taken hold, and man oh man, a radiant drip of SOL Selects on a new Highly Educated DualiTi nail, capped off with a UniTi Carb Cap to savor the flavor….mouthwatering delicious… that is, IF and I mean IF you can get over the fact that it doesn’t taste like weed or hash, at all.

For some, that is a game-ender.
No thanks, no way, not for them.
That’s fine, I guess. I look at the bigger picture, and I realize that “dabbers” still make up a tiny crust of the “pot smoking” community, and the “pot smoking” community still makes up just a tiny fraction of the overall population…once legalization goes mainstream, to places where weed and dabs have been scarce up till now, I think that the masses will gobble up something that says “Strawberry”, tastes like strawberries, and gets them higher than they ever thought possible. I think that SOL is onto something here.

Grimey Gatsby Strain Review #5: SOL Selects Grimey Gatsby Strain Review #5: SOL Selects


A creeping effect, but seems to onset faster than I remember from my last review – which is cool with me. 

Every flavor hit me the same way – also cool with me.

Not a very motivational effect, for me. It doesn’t make me brain-dead or lethargic, but sitting down is pretty much mandatory during and after the sesh. It’s a full body, hash-like feeling that might be due to the decarbing that occurs during the refinement process.

I am sleeping SO GOOD at night since adding this SOL variety pack to my regiment. I don’t typically have problems sleeping, as long as I am ingesting some sort of cannabis, but remarkably better sleep lately.

Buzz Length: 9/10 Long

Much like the overall effect, I rate the buzz length for SOL products to be somewhere between the best bubble hash/ice wax you’ll find, and the best BHO that you’ll find.

There is a noticeable yawn-heavy drop off at the end. Even if that end is an hour or two later, it would be nice to have a slightly more gradual come down.

Overall: A


  • The super sappy consistency can make it hard to precisely dose your dabs, and depending on your style of dab tool, can make it hard to get every drop out of the jar. And you really, really don’t want to leave it upside down anywhere…

  • For someone who wants the full spectrum of effects that the many strains of cannabis can provide, they may not find it yet with SOL. I would consider it a heavy indica effect at this point, from what I tried.

  • You really do not know what the starting material was: they can process BHO or PHO, ice wax, kief, CO2, and more. The end results are always the same, a dewaxed & decarb’d product with 80%+ in THC and ZERO residual solvents. For those who are strictly anti-solvent-based-extracting, even the rigorous refining by SOL may not be enough to change their mind. I personally feel that it is very safe.


  • A consistent uniform effect after just two good sized dabs. I could count on it, every time.

  • New shallower jars with no “lip” up top made it waaaay easier to get dabs out. The smaller jars make you feel like you are playing Operation! and if you touch the sides trying to get your dab out, a buzzer goes off and you get a stringy mess.

  • My rig stays cleaner with SOL running through it. You can see in one of the pics, the blonde reclaim was after a fat sesh of SOL, and the darker reclaim was after about 3-4 dabs of pure nug run BHO. My new nail also stays much cleaner with SOL than with even the best BHO.


    Grimey Gatsby Strain Review #5: SOL Selects

  • Since it is completely decarb’d you can eat it and get it’s effects, or even apply it topically. I’m not a lawyer or a TSA agent but I would think that anyone would have a difficult time telling the “Strawberry” apart from a strawberry lip balm at a glance…or sniff. I bet you could also vape it out of a G Pen around a bunch of e-ciggers and nobody would blink an eye.


These guys at SOL are sort of nerdy about this stuff. Like university-degree nerdy, I’m talkin’ lab-level nerdiness with their work. At the same time, they are genuinely cool and real-deal tokers like you and me. They are neck deep in the scene and take their role in it very seriously.

Personally, I appreciate that SOL seems to be steering away from trying to make these varying flavors out to be individual existing/well-known strains. Savvy smokers have come to expect certain effects from certain strains, and it is not cool, in my opinion, to make a patient think they are getting a sativa-dominant strain (for example) when as I mentioned above, they are unlikely to catch that sort of effect from the stuff, from what I have seen so far.


Grimey Gatsby Strain Review #5: SOL Selects

Again, I realize that this product may not be for everyone, but I would encourage everyone to at least give it a shot. I had a friend try some, and with glazed eyes tell me that Boone’s Farm thought fruity wine would be a hit too. I got his point, that he might not drink it, but I couldn’t help thinking that it is still on the shelf at every grocery and liquor store in America. Sort of like Grape Swishers I suppose.

So yeah buds, keep your eyes peeled on your favorite dispensary’s menu for SOL Selects, or better yet, tell them to get some in stock 🙂 You can likely tell that I consider these guys friends, but just know that I wouldn’t waste a minute of my time writing about the stuff if I didn’t dig it and stand behind every word I write. If a friend hands me something that I wouldn’t want to see you guys ingesting – and that happens from time to time – you just never read about it because I never write about it.

If you are looking for a strong full body effect and a flavor-filled twist on dabbing, seek out SOL Selects for your next sesh — thanks for reading, and keep it Grimey!


Grimey Gatsby Strain Review #5: SOL Selects

Find me on TwitterInstagram, or Facebook and let me know what you think about the SOL process and product

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