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Rob Bondurant Interview

Rob Bondurant hit our radar years ago as Hunt, our presidents, rommate in San Diego. Sitting on the back porch strumming his guitar and singing the classics. Since 2007, he’s taken a great journey around the country and also in his musical career. He’s now making waves bigger than ever in his home town of San Diego and in various new markets from his unique and perfected sound. We’ve been waiting to get a hold of him for an interview since last November….and it finally happened. Follow him on Vimeo, Instagram, or Facebook for all the new tracks and concerts.

GG: How long have you been playing music for?

Rob: I have been playing guitar for about 12 years. My obsession with the guitar really came from previous years of several hobbies to keep my hands and mind occupied. From street magic to break dancing… I always had something to keep a focus on.

GG: Where are your musical inspirations derived from?

Rob: Music started as a 9 year old kid with Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker on MTV. Ever since then, I’ve had such a love for music. I would lose myself for hours and hours in my headphones. I started with break dancing then it wasn’t until I actually had a guitar at the age of 15 that the idea of becoming a musician surfaced. At that moment, I dove head first into discovering the depths of rock, blues, soul, and jazz. My first real inspiration into playing guitar was John Mayer. I didn’t really know who he was or his music but what I did know is that all of the guys who played guitar at school would talk about how hard it was to play his music. So… that is what I decided to begin learning. Honestly, my first real influences were very pop mainstream because that’s what girls at my school liked. John Mayer, Jason Mraz, and Dave Matthews were huge at the time I was picking up the guitar so that is what I gravitated towards.

GG: Who are your role models, who do you look up to?

Rob: The beautiful thing about music is that there is so much out there, the possibility of influence is infinite so I keep a broad appreciation for everything. Pop may have been the first thing I was introduced to but I have since gone further down the rabbit hole. I actually can’t say I currently have any individual role models or people I look up to in music. Just as an example of how my brain works and to help explain what I mean, I now listen to music in a few different ways: Lyrically, melodically, and structurally. I also listen to the production of the album (e.g. instruments, soundscapes, and elements). It could be as simple as loving what the bass does on this song or loving the vocal melody on another.

GG: How many instruments do you know how to play?

Rob: I play guitar, piano, drums, bass, and the triangle.

GG: What is your favorite thing about California?

Rob: California is home to me. I was born and raised in San Diego which is within a 3 hour drive from the desert, mountains, beach, and city. You can find every kind of lifestyle out here which makes it to be a very diverse culture. One 20min drive from North Park to Lakeside and you’re going from nightlife, craft beer and whiskey joints, to east county country living with horses and pubs. I will say one unique thing about San Diego is the amazing Taco Shops that anyone who’s ever visited knows what I’m talkin about. Del Taco may hold weight in the 2am after-hour munchies circuit but there is no comparison to the 2am drive-thru at the neighborhood taco shop in San Diego.

GG: Your album, Hurricane debuted just last year, what does this album mean to you?

Rob: Hurricane is a milestone for me in my career. It represents the beginning of a body of work. This album was actually made possible by an investor named Dylan Bates of ATI Physical Therapy. He hired me to play music for a couple company events in San Diego and then one day sent me a text that read, “Hey great job tonight. I have some money and some contacts. Put something together and let’s see if we can help you out.” Ever since then, I have spearheaded this industry with more motivation and focus than I’ve ever experienced in my life. I started a record label called Road Born Records, Inc. just this last month. I’m moving to Nashville in March. I have also managed to meet some incredible musicians and industry folks along the way so the future is looking very bright! My excitement is beyond words!

GG: Have you played at any music festivals?

Rob: I have yet to play a music festival. However, I have a potential prospect that I can’t go into detail about yet but let’s just say it is a definite possibility for the near future.

Bondurant “Headrush” Live from the Moniker Warehouse from Rob Bondurant on Vimeo.

GG: What are your music plans for 2015?

Rob: I am moving to Nashville in March to begin touring! I am also working with some great people at M:M Music to get my music playing in Non Commercial and College radio stations around the country. I already have a ton of new music written so there is a possibility I will be releasing some new singles as well.

GG: What is your favorite food?

Rob: I love Mexican food. All kinds. Tonight… I am making Albondigas.

GG: Do you plan to play any future shows in Colorado?

Rob: I would love to play Colorado! Although I don’t have any dates currently booked, I have Denver, Boulder, and Aspen on my mind.

GG: Where is your favorite spot to play shows?

Rob: My favorite spot to play shows is anywhere where people want to listen.

GG: With EDM being the most popular genre of music right now, what challenges, if any, are you experiencing with EDM on the rise?

Rob: I don’t see any genre’s outside of mine as a challenge, but rather a different flavor made for a different audience. My old roommates are actually the ones who got me into EDM because they would produce music at our house. I don’t want to give away too much of my idea but I have a musical fusion between the rock and roll world and the EDM world that I’ve been working on and hope to introduce to the public as something fresh.

GG: Are you GGFam?

Rob: I used to live with Hunt in San Diego….years ago. So I guess I am GGFam…which isn’t all that bad. hahaha

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