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Ganja Review #6 – Dr. Who from Geek Farms

Dr. Who

Bred by:
Homegrown Natural Wonders

Strain Genetics:
Mad Scientist (Medicine Woman x Sweet Tooth) x Timewreck (Blood Wreck x Vortex)

Harvested by:
Geek Farms (Oregon)

Just about as good as it gets. Definitely grown to perfection.

Appearance: 10/10

I had seen Big Sampson showing pix of these Geek Farms strains on Facebook, and was certainly impressed. But seeing it for myself, in person at Chalice, I knew I had to have some.

I came away with about 11 grams, all composed of large thumb-sized nugs absolutely bursting with fat, relatively unmolested glistening trichs. The majority of each bud is an enticing lime green color, but veins of lavender and deep purps run throughout each nug – more prevalently in some than in others.


Grimey Gatsby Ganja Review #6 - Dr. Who


When run through my Compton Grinder, the purple is revealed and becomes the dominant hue, and rumor has it that dudes were squishing these same Dr. Who buds at Chalice and squeezing out fresh purple tinted rosin.


Grimey Gatsby Ganja Review #6 - Dr. Who


When ground up, the weed itself almost looked like fullmelt hash (and hit me in the head like it too, but I’ll get to that…), and the 4th chamber of my grinder immediately began to collect some beautiful blonde kief.


Grimey Gatsby Ganja Review #6 - Dr. Who


Neon orange pistils struggle to reach the surface of the densely constructed nugs, and burst into fiery flares if they manage to make it to the top.

The trim job is flawless on every bud in the bag. Stems are minimal. But all of it is overshadowed by the overabundance of trichomes that blanket each bud in a hazy cloud of bulbous heads that shine back at you as you turn the nuggets over in your hands.


Grimey Gatsby Ganja Review #6 - Dr. Who

Aroma: 9/10

Straight outta the ziplock, I knew I had something special, but the aroma was not unlike a GDP, or more traditional purple strain. It was a bit muted until I started busting it up, at which point its true funk emerged. Freshly ground, you get that deeeep funky tunafish stank, with a hint of haze and pine blended in. Skunkberryterpalicious.


Grimey Gatsby Ganja Review #6 - Dr. Who


 Flavor: 9/10

Spoon Pipe – Flavor was muddled a bit, sort of like most Girl Scout Cookie cuts. I attributed it to the wide blend of strains found in the genetics. I wasn’t catching many terps with my trusted pipe, but I had this stash in Vegas for AGE and CHAMPS, so you know we were rolling some up…

Blunts & Bats – I found the flavor of Dr. Who more enjoyable when smoked like this. Either Swishers or RAWs, I was getting some really sugary rips of the Who that had my lips numb for a minute. Sort of a cotton candy-like flave, topped with a hint of berries.

Glass & Water – I scooped a new mini-rig at CHAMPS just for ripping flowers, and this Dr. Who has been the only strain through it so far. I am really enjoying this method, as it brings out a lot more of the pine and creamy berries flavors that are muted or absent from joints and pipes.


Grimey Gatsby Ganja Review #6 - Dr. Who

Buzz: 10/10 Cerebral & body high, couch lock, immediate, strong

Unlike many hybrids that seem to enhance my visual acuity, Dr. Who has quite literally the opposite effect. Instead of seeing the intensely green treeline ahead set so crisply against the clear blue sky I can count each leaf, I almost feel like I just woke up off too many edibles just a few minutes after my first puff of Dr. Who.

Almost like phantom eye boogers form and everything I look at gets a soft vignette of blurriness. Rubbing my eyes does nothing to affect this effect, but damn it feels good. Hang on…..oh yeah….right there…..

Ok I’m back.

My sessions with Dr. Who have tended to be longer than normal, though I am smoking less weed each day than my normal ration. Each hit sends me diving deep into my own subconcious, thinking about a million possible angles to confront each issue in my life. My impaired vision, imagined or otherwise, only encourages deeper introspection as the outside world and all of its distractions ends in an abrupt blur at my peripheral.

Oddly, I feel tension in my neck during this deep thought process, until I recognize it and relax it, at which point it begins to melt into supreme relaxation like the rest of my body.

Buzz Length: 10/10 Long

A solid 1hr 35mins off two bowls through the bubbler – the ultimate podcast companion

Grimey Gatsby Ganja Review #6 - Dr. Who


Overall: A

It’s always good to bump into my pal Big Sam, and so when I saw him dancing in the aisles at Chalice, I didn’t hesitate to go get a hug…and some buds! Following him on Facebook, I know that the crew he works with is composed of meticulous growers, so for me to be able to get my San Diego hands on their Oregon-grown fire was an honor and a real treat.

This is my 2nd time getting down with the Dr. Who strain, and this example blows the first one out of the water. Although that deep self-critique that the strain induced in me doesn’t scare me, it’s not really the vibe I seek out from my weed. I like to think more about the universe, instead of my micro-spec of a role in it if you know what I mean.

I plan to hit up a float tank/deprivation chamber sesh soon, and I bet it would be…interesting…to blaze a chunk of this Geek Farms Dr. Who right before checking in.

If you are ever fortunate enough to get your paws on anything harvested or processed by the Geek Farms geniuses, I highly recommend that you do it.


Grimey Gatsby Ganja Review #6 - Dr. Who


Thanks to Sam and the crew for a top shelf product, and thanks to you guys for reading!

Find me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook and let me know how you like Dr. Who

Stay Grimey, buds!

Grimey Gatsby Ganja Review #6 - Dr. Who

-JackDaniel @thepridefulscribe


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