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FLYTLAB H2Flo Vaporizer – Product Review

The FlytLab H2Flo Herbal Vaporizer

MSRP: $199.00
Available at: or top shelf retailers nationwide

My tolerance is sky high these days, but I take pride in the fact that I can certainly make it through the day without a fat bowl of kush if I have to – just as long as I had 3 for breakfast and have 3 more waiting after dinner!

But honestly, sometimes the wife or girlfriend – or even some of your corny ass boyfriends, am I right ladies? – sign you up for a day that promises to be so full of utter bullshit that without some sort of cannabinoid infusion, you might end up on the evening news.

Yes, edibles can be a godsend in these situations, but they are not readily available for everyone…nor are they the best option for everyone. Often, discretion is the key in these situations, and that is why the vaporizer pen industry has exploded over the past few years.

At first, the focus was on pens devised to vape cannabis concentrates like waxes and oils – but soon manufacturers heard the consumer demand for a vaporizer pen for dry herb (ahem… weed) that could deliver the same effects as a more traditional (and expensive) box-style table top vaporizer.

The first models to hit the market were either extremely overpriced, or simply burnt the buds on a heating coil, instead of truly vaporizing them – leading to a messy and unsatisfying experience.

Fortunately, technology never sleeps and a company called FlytLab has hit the market with force, hoping to change people’s minds when it comes to vaping cannabis on the fly.


Flyt Lab & The Grimey Gatsby



The Flyt Lab product line is expanding, and is backed by sharp branding and a strong presence at industry events and trade shows. In fact, that is where I came across their flagship product, the H2Flo Herbal Vaporizer.


Flyt Lab & The Grimey Gatsby


I worked a booth right by these guys at the CHAMPS Trade Show in Vegas this past July, and their spot was poppin’ all week with customers intrigued to see what they had to offer.

One night after the show, we ended up kicking it with the Flyt Lab crew, smashing grub at Pink Taco and partying at the Hard Rock Hotel. At that after party, I had nothing on me to get my head right, but after a brief rundown of the product’s features, I soon had a loaded H2Flo in my hands.

A few puffs later I was truly ripped, and I was sold – so I scooped one up.

Contents Include

Flyt Lab & The Grimey Gatsby


1 – Rechargeable H2Flo
1 – Air Chamber with FlowControl
1 – Water Chamber
1 – Black Mouthpiece
1 – Silver Mouthpiece
1 – FlytLab Power Plug
1 – FlytLab Mini USB Wire
1 – FlytLab Grinder
1 – FlytLab Tool Set & Spare O-Rings
1 – H2Flo Instruction Manual
1 – FlytLab Sticker

Since I’ve been back from Vegas, I have really put this kit to the test, and I want to share with you what I have found to be the pro’s and the con’s of the product.


Flyt Lab & The Grimey Gatsby




  • Utilizing true convection vaporization is a key for vaping herbs. When you eliminate the heater coil and replace it with a ceramic heating chamber, you not only create a more terp-friendly environment, but you have one less accessory that WILL fail (that coil). If your herbal vape pen is not using convection heating (like an oven) like this H2Flo, then you are missing the point of any benefits to be had by vaporizing your buds.
  • Another huge benefit of convection vaping is that resin buildup is almost none. The vaped bud is not singed after use, it is fluffy and brown and the lack of combustion leads to a much cleaner vaping experienceFlyt Lab & The Grimey Gatsby
    (H2Flo ceramic heating chamber after a typical sesh)
  • Heats up fast – just a minute and a half to “pre-heat the oven” so to speak. Then you have plenty of time to toke your way through a fully loaded chamber at your own pace.
  • Great packaging, easy to follow instructions
  • Awesome accessories – the optional Air Chamber and Water Chamber attachments, along with the truly functional carb button attachment, make this a pen that I actually use at home to sit and sesh with…not just a last resort like most vape pensFLYTLAB H2Flo Herbal Vaporizer Kit - Product Review
  • Heavy duty feel to it – like the difference between a crappy plastic flashlight vs. a Mag Light you can bash a skull with if you need to
  • Cool vapor allows for a full deep inhale, and produces a very light vapor when exhaled.
  • Heating chamber is at the center of the unit, not near the mouthpiece – so vapor has a chance to cool before hitting your lips and mouth. Mouthpieces stay cool and useable.
  • Powerful and undeniable headchange after just a toke or two. Whether it’s a wake n’ bake, or whether you are 3 dabs deep on a Shatterday, this H2Flo pen will crank your wig back a bit farther.
  • Large loading chamber allows for 2-3 BIG rips for me on each load. Vaped bud/material falls out effortlessly when it’s time to reload.Flyt Lab & The Grimey Gatsby


  • This is a rather large unit, even without the optional attachments. Although it’s hard to be super discreet with it, by nature it looks more like a high-end e-cig mod which could help you blend in at parties, bars, concerts, etc.
  • Ahhh the flavor is just not quite there. I ground up all sorts of strains – from J1 to OG18 – trying to get a true taste of terps, but alas no matter what I tried, it always has that hint of popcorn in the flavor profile. The more attachments I add, the more I can mute it, but I can never eliminate it and taste the full profile of the strain. To be fair, I have hit the finest herbal vaporizers around (handheld and tabletop) and they ALL have had that aftertaste for me.
  • I found myself holding the button down longer than 5 seconds trying to get ridiculous rips off the thing, and ended up turning it off on a couple occasions without realizing it.


Like I said, I got to spend some time with the crew behind the Flyt Lab brand as well, and I think it’s worth mentioning that they are real, cool, down-to-earth dudes who are working hard to earn legitimacy in a market flooded with frauds.

To me, that matters.

The price point might scare some folks at 2 bills, but I cannot stress enough that I feel that it is worth every penny, considering the options that come standard in each kit. Yes you can find cheaper herbal vaporizers, but caveat emptor.

The H2Flo kit comes backed by an unrivaled 10 year manufacturer’s warranty as well, so you know they are confident in their product so you can be too.


Flyt Lab & The Grimey Gatsby


Overall I would score this product a 9/10 – but honestly, until somebody figures out how to truly capture the unaltered flavor of the cannabis plant in a vape pen, the top of the scale might be a 9.


Flyt Lab & The Grimey Gatsby


I certainly can recommend this product and the Flyt Lab brand to our GGFam. Cool people, cool product – simply put, IT WORKS.

I am the type of dude that would rather spend my hard earned cash on my weed, not the tools I use to imbibe it. So when I do shell out some money, I like to buy high quality gear that I will never need to replace (or get pissed about). I am 100% stoked on my Flyt Lab H2Flo kit – load one up for yourself!


Flyt Lab & The Grimey Gatsby





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