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Tommy2Stix drops new album – Prop. 2Stixteen

If you get around the SoCal weed game at all, you may have heard of our dude Tommy2Stix.

Not tryin’ to say he’s a celebrity or anything – yet – but let’s just say I’d heard about him before I met him…that sort of thing.

It went something like, “Have you heard Tommy2Stix? He’s a rapper but he’s got crutches, aw man you gotta check him out!”



(photo credit @rebeccaannhenry)

So I did, and I learned about how he started rapping by getting pulled onstage by Action Bronson at a concert in Texas. After they both lit up, BamBam handed the mic to Tommie, and four freestyled bars later, Tommy2Stix was born.

His early story is really amazing, and you should check it out in this great piece by Uproxx back in March of 2014. But it’s what he’s up to these days that you need to know about too.

The first time I met Tommie was at the 21st birthday party for our mutual friend, Luke Langohr (#LukeTheBrave). We spoke a bit, and shared a ridiculous amount of cannabis and laughs.


LukeTheBrave & Tommy2Stix


I followed his music more closely after that and he and I kept in contact on social media. So when I heard that he had a new album out I knew I had to have it.

Cleverly titled Prop 2Stixteen, the album art resembles that of a California patient verification card, or medical marijuana doctor’s recommendation – commonly referred to as a “Rec”. Except, in this case, the doctor’s name is “Nunya Bidness”, and the verification website leads you to the Tommy2Stix website.


Tommy2Stix Prop 2Stixteen


Well played sir…well played.

The album consists of five brand new studio quality songs that take you on an 18 minute journey into the brain of an artist who kicks more ass on crutches than most of us do on two good legs – and yeah boy he lets you know it track after track.


Tommy2Stix Prop 2Stixteen


It took me a minute to catch up to the deliberate pace of Tommy2Stix, but it takes you no time at all to tune in to his lyrics which are equal parts real-as-fuck and sidesplitting hilarious shit-talking.

The production value is perfect on every track, and the beats are very, very easy to dig. It can be hard for an up and coming artist to get his hands on ONE good lick, but Tommy2Stix got laced up with five gems for this one.


 Check out the video for track 3 off of the new Tommy 2Stix album Prop 2Stixteen, titled “You Think You Can Hustle?” feat. Jonathas and produced by RoyRollin

My personal favorite is the last track, number five, titled “Care in the World” feat. Jonathas & Kydd Jones, also produced by RoyRollin. Man, the beat is so damn smooth and the hook has stayed with me and come out of my mouth many times since I first heard it.

Grimey Gatsby caught up with Tommie after previewing the album to pick his brain on, well…a bunch of stuff, check it out!

GG: What’s your name?

Tommy2Stix: Tomas Leon, but I go by Tommie typically

GG: How old are you?

Tommy2Stix: I just turned 26 two weeks ago. 

GG: Where are you from?

Tommy2Stix: I was born in Austin, Texas. My family is from Mexico City and I’m a first generation American though.

GG: Where do you live now?

Tommy2Stix: I’m out in LA, I’m actually living about a mile south of USC.

GG: How old were you when you wrote your 1st rap?

Tommy2Stix: I was 23 years old, I had just finished up my last semester of college and it was right after I was pulled onto stage by Action Bronson and I pulled two joints out of my pocket and handed him one. He lit mine, and then saw my head nodding to the beat and then passed me the mic. I had no idea what to do so I just spat four bars off the top of my head and people liked it. I thought to myself that if I just sat down and worked on music for a bit, imagine what I could come up with.

GG: When did you come up with the name Tommy2Stix?

Tommy2Stix: I actually was called that by a few of my friends from college on the east coast and it just stuck (laughs)

GG: Tell us a little bit about your struggle

Tommy2Stix: Well I was born with a rare type of muscular dystrophy called central core myopathy and I’ve got scoliosis which I underwent surgery for that got me 23 screws and 2 metal rods into my back – it makes airports interesting!

GG: You seem to embrace it in your lyrics – does music, and making music, help you cope with it?

Tommy2Stix: Well yeah it’s definitely something that makes it easier to rationalize and joke about it, because nowadays people are so uncomfortable with the idea of what disability is that you have to do something to make people aware and find a way to get people to talk about it.

GG: That’s a great way to approach it. The new album has a distinct MMJ theme to it, what role does cannabis play in your life?

Tommy2Stix: Cannabis is something that has helped me change my life around considerably. It’s something that gives me the energy to keep going, to try new things, when I fall, I’ll smoke and by the time the smokes out of my lungs and the coughing has subsided I’m ready to get back up. It’s crazy but this plant has given me not only a new perspective but a chance to keep going when I feel like I’ve got nothing in the tank, it’s the gas that I put in my tank and it gets me going

GG: Do you have a favorite strain?

Tommy2Stix: Indica: I gotta say Hardcore OG by WCC (West Coast Cure), and also Strawberry Banana by Green Giant Grows. Sativa is Tangie; it’s just awesome flavor and really gets me active and alert. 

GG:What’s your preferred way to medicate?

Tommy2Stix: I’d say my first love was rolling up a joint or a spliff. I always love the feeling of having it in your hand and the natural tendency to want to pass it around to keep a conversation going. Lately I’ve gotten more into blunts as well just being out here on the west coast and some friends from Houston who showed me how to roll a bit better with them and that was clutch. They are great because they don’t go out as easily, but at same time won’t burn unless inhaled. 

GG: Tell us about the people who helped on this album, it seems like a great collaborative effort.

Tommy2Stix: My beats on this project were made my homies RoyRollin and OLOM2K4 who i met through my friends at G Pen. The other artists on this project (Kydd Jones, Jonathas and Niko G4) have been friends and people since I’ve started to do music that I wanted to work on. 

GG: You are definitely honing your craft, so what’s next for Tommy2Stix?

Tommy2Stix: Finals (laughs) are just around the corner so I’ve been on super study mode, beyond that musically I can’t wait to get into the studio again after school lets out to work on some new material. 

GG: Where can people get the full album?

Tommy2Stix: Right now for Prop. 215 Patients they can get Prop. 2Stixteen at Venice Medical Center Delivery (323)901-0138/ The 710 Club Virgil. But if you don’t have one, or are just in the mood to scoop some dope glass they can get it at the Silika Store both in Los Angeles, California and in Tacoma, Washington. I’m still just trying to figure out where else to get it out so any other stores or shops can get in contact with me to order some!

Tommie is definitely GGFam, so we want to throw him any support that we can. “Real” hip-hop can be debated by smaller minds. Meanwhile true artists are making true art, and when you are spitting rhymes spun straight from your heart and your own life experiences, it resonates with a lot of people who are hungry for someone who will legitimately keep it real and entertain them in the process.

If that sounds like you, Tommy2Stix and Prop. 2Stixteen are highly recommended.









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