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SOURCE Vapes Premium Vaporizer Kit – Product Review

SOURCE Vapes Premium Vaporizer Kit

Grimey Gatsby Product Review: SOURCE Vapes Premium Kit

MSRP: $79.95
Available at: or top shelf smokeshop, headshop and vape shop retailers nationwide

Grimey Gatsby Product Review: SOURCE Vapes Premium Kit

I don’t get excited about oil vape pens…really I don’t. I feel like I had seen it all, tried it all, and gave it all away to someone way less picky than I.

I felt that way, that is, until I came up on a Premium Kit from SOURCE Vapes.

The SOURCE Vapes product line is constantly expanding, but their bread n’ butter is their quartz rod and titanium coil technology. This blend of top quality materials, along Grimey Gatsby Product Review: SOURCE Vapes Premium Kitwith their variable voltage batteries and adjustable airflow mouthpieces, create a very effective oil and wax vaping experience with truly pronounced terp/flavor profiles.

Got an earthy OG-heavy crumble? Load up your Source Orb atomizer and get socked in the mouth with terps. Same with cheesy Hazes, fruity Purps, or feuly Diesels – whereas most vape pens burn the flavor off before it has a chance to hit your tastebuds, these kits almost seem to kick it into high gear.

I was as skeptical as can be the first time I tried one, having been let down every other time with every other brand. But I figured there had to be a benefit to the lower temps and the quartz/titanium tech so I went into that trial run with an open – and relatively sober – mind.

I wish I could see the look on my own face after that first rip, because I guarantee I smiling from ear to ear as I exhaled, knowing I had finally found a go-to vape pen.

The battery and mouthpiece are high quality, but the strength of the brand is in the atomizers – the actual tanks that you load with your oil or wax.

My Premium Kit came with 7 different atomizers!

SOURCE Vapes Premium Kit Contents Include:

Grimey Gatsby Product Review: SOURCE Vapes Premium Kit

  • 1x SOURCE orb 3 attachment
  • 1x SOURCE orb Variable Voltage Battery
  • 7x SOURCE orb 3 atomizers
  • 1x Large eGo Charger
  • 1x Premium Dabbing Tool
  • 1x SOURCE 10cig wax attachment

Plus the 7 atomizers!

  • 1x SOURCE orb 3 Quartz Single Coil atomizer
  • 1x SOURCE orb 3 Quartz Double Coil atomizer
  • 1x SOURCE orb 3 Ceramic Double Coil atomizer
  • 1x SOURCE orb 3 Wicked Double Coil atomizer
  • 1x SOURCE orb 3 Dry Herb Baker atomizer
  • 1x SOURCE orb 3 Dry Herb Hitter atomizer
  • 1x SOURCE terra Ceramic Donut atomizer

I’ve been beating the shit out of this kit since early November of last year – from San Diego, to Cayucos, to Denver, into a tree (more on that later…), so let me tell you the good and the bad, since there really is no ugly in this good lookin’ kit.


  • Price Price Price. You simply cannot beat this price. You’ll see below where I question the effectiveness of some of the atomizers, but even if you tossed them out this SOURCE Vapes Premium Kit cannot be matched in value. It is a STEAL at $80.00
  • The ultimate flavor saver. The quartz/titanium atomizers are incredible, but even the ceramic coil and Terra ceramic disc/donut atomizer are right up there as well – and light years ahead of anything else I have tried up until I found SOURCE Vapes.

    Grimey Gatsby Product Review: SOURCE Vapes Premium Kit

    I love this SOURCE Orb Terra Atomizer – Totally coil-less, it features a ceramic disc in a quartz chamber #terps

  • Stainless steel dark chrome finish makes the pen look like a high end e-cig and just has a nice feel and weight in your hands. Nothing about it looks or feels ‘cheap’
  • Great packaging, easy to use attachments with common 5/10 threading
  • Awesome accessories – I added on a Glass Globe Attachment (MSRP $34.95) and a Slim Attachment ($39.95) for my mouthpiece. The Glass Globe allows the vapor to stack a bit more and then has a nice carb hole in it that helps a lot. The Slim Attachment makes the pen more streamlined and a bit more discreet.
  • Each add-on Attachment – like the Glass Globe, the Slim Attachment, Water Bubblers, Colorful Mouthpieces – comes with 4 new SOURCE Orb v3 atomizers to keep you puffin’ tough
    Grimey Gatsby Product Review: SOURCE Vapes Premium Kit
  • My kit features Grade 2 titanium – the same material that brands like Highly Educated use for their domeless nails. This is a major upgrade from most vape pens who wrap their coils in god-knows-what
  • Because they are always innovating, SOURCE Vapes now offers Grade 1 titanium in their coils too! They’ve also got an XL Orb with 3 (!!!) of the premium quartz rods wrapped in Grade 1 Ti that you can load an entire gram into at a time! #gamechanger
  • Even the “standard” v3 Orb atomizers that I got with my kit allow for quite a bit of oil to be packed at a time without making too much of a mess.
  • Creates a true vapor, not a smoke. This throws some people off on their first try, leading to hilarity as they realize they just took the equivalent of a dab and a half hahaha
  • With a simple twist of the dial on the bottom of the battery, you can choose between 8 different voltage settings. I have found that I keep mine cranked all the way up since I use the Terra and Double Quartz atomizers the most.
  • A similar twist up towards the mouthpiece reveals ventilation air holes that can be adjusted. Again, I try to just leave them all open for max airflow.
  • They say you can soak the atomizers in iso alcohol to clean and reuse them…I’m stoked that I haven’t had to resort to that yet, since I got so many with my Premium Kit and the attachments


  • Some of the attachments that came with my Premium Kit are never going to make it into my rotation. The Dry Herb Baker and the Dry Herb Hitter do not utilize true convection vaporizing technology (like the FLYTLabs kit we reviewed last year), so they just burn the bud with produces very little, and undesirable, smoke. I even loaded some super duper kief into one and it just roasted it. Also the 10Cig Attachment is meant for a matching slim style battery but only the mouthpiece is included in my kit. It can be jammed onto the larger battery but it looks ridiculous. If you have found the use for this attachment, let me know!
  • The battery life can be shorter than you might be used to if you consistently use the double quartz atomizers. It takes quite a bit of juice to heat those babies and even then, it’s a pretty low temp hit (terps, yo). So far, I have not run out of battery at an inopportune time, but I could see it happening.


Overall I would score this product a rare 10/10 – I have bought five or six kits for friends (all stoked) and turned on about that many more people to go get one of their own. I laced up a 70-something year old friend of the family with a Slim Travel Kit…this guy can’t find his keys for half the day but he ALWAYS knows where his SOURCE Vapes pen is!

So, I certainly can recommend this product and the SOURCE Vapes brand to our #GGFam.

In mid-November I was in a pretty serious car accident and the car I was in struck an oak tree head-on. I got out of the car and waited for first responders. They arrived and as I was about to leave the scene, I remembered that my favorite Grassroots hat and my SOURCE Vapes pen were both still in the car wrapped around the tree.

So, I hobbled past firefighters, EMTs, Sheriffs and Highway Patrolmen on a broken ankle that is still healing to this day, to rescue the only oil vape pen that I have ever been excited about.

Dedicated to the terps, son.

Some pretty reputable vape pen companies have seen what SOURCE Vapes is up to, and in true form to this industry, they straight up knocked them off. So buyer beware of bullshit.

SOURCE Vapes offers a 30 day warranty on all of their atomizers, a 1-year warranty on their batteries, and a LIFETIME warranty on their attachments – this should be very reassuring for even the tightest of wads.

Whether you need it for on-the-go or chilling around the pad, whatever SOURCE Vapes kit you choose will keep your mind right.

I will definitely be upgrading to the new XL Kit soon. I recently got to try one of those and it brought that same smile and excitement back. I’m sold.

Have YOU tried SOURCE Vapes yet?
Find Grimey Gatsby on social media and give us your review!


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