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X Games – Aspen – recap

Aspen is another world compared to the hustle and bustle of the city life. Each year the town is over come with people, athletes, machinery, parties, pop ups, and the X Games……which, over the past 15 years have transformed from the elite extreme core lifestyle to the mainstream event that is now as important as the Winter Olympics. It’s a unique time to be in town as the local core of Aspen fights the over whelming tourist zombie apocalypse from energy drinks to drunkards to public urinations on the sidewalk to over flowing trash cans to the inevitable party….or even more sought after “private party.”

We have one contributor that wrote in the week before X Games…….”I humbly request to leave town during this drunken walk about for tourists and elite athletes which are all looking for the best experience for three pennies and a gift bag. I will be in the remote back country hugging trees instead….” He leaves in Aspen and loves the back country. Atleast it puts some things into perspective for the story…….

You can see the X Games from down valley as it lights up the night and gives the mountains depth with their own shadow. The event is massive….literally stories of schafolding, lines of people, amazing athletes taking on the biggest pipes, jumps, and slopestyle courses. This year featured some of the same names but was ushering in the new youth of the games. We were astounded at some of the athletes, their ages, and their skill/style. They were literally dropping jaws all over the audience. You can see the footage in this feature from some of the winners.

We spent a lovely Friday at the Games then off to Cache Cache for a private dinner with Chef Lanter, owner/chef of Cache Cache, and caught up on his recent events, the winter season, and his up coming events. You can catch him this March in Seattle for the Cannabis Grand Cru as he gives some insight into culinary art and the plant. He has been a true friend of the GG brand since day one. Cache Cache is exquisite and worth the reservation in Aspen. Hands down the best food available in the town……and the atmosphere, services, and ingredients are second to none. We had to bolt over to Belly Up to catch Run the Jewels. It was the early show before Kygo and we were stoked to catch them again live in Colorado. Killer Mike and El-P brought it proper with all the bangers from RTJ and RTJ2. They engaged the audience in some political thoughts and social issues. The tracks were jamming and the crowd was going HAM for sure. It was a short set and kept it lit from the first track to the last. One of the best live shows you can see this year.

Instead of catching Kygo for another round at Belly Up…..we headed over to the Crystal Palace that was transformed by Gravity Aspen into a venue, cafe, pop up shop, art gallery, and hang out for the town all month long. The X Games was the final weekend of “The Palace” and we wanted to get through and see what it was all about. The work they put into this place was limitless…from the silk dancers from the ceiling, the art gallery, the stage, the bar, the talent, the dancers, the overall experience, and the people. It was a beautiful scene from the dance floor to the tables. The music was blasting and the people were smiling. Seeing the youth of Aspen take over a venue and making it a safe haven for the artistic creative and open minded in the middle of the X Games was a kudos to the Gonzo history of Aspens roots. Congrats and salute to Gravity Aspen for making it happen.

After the long evening out….it was time for some Ink Coffee and turns on Ajax mountain. The snow was starting to come and it was a killer day on the hill. Fast groomers and side stashes of pow…..never a dull moment on the Silver Queen. Instead of hitting the games again….we took to walking around town and seeing the shops. The Gonzo Gallery has a great exhibit up right now that is worth a view. The construction is slowly taking over town. It’s the last season for Sky Hotel… will be torn down and turned into a “W” hotel…..but that wont be completed until 2017. Now Aspen Closing Day at the Sky just seems sad…….

We ended up at Big Wrap for a late lunch to see Babs and catch up. She is the triple OG of Aspen and keeps the people fed. It’s great to see her continue crush her routine and food with ease. Best cheap eats in Aspen for sure…..tell her Grimey Gatsby sent ya.

The rumors through town about the “biggest storm cycle of the winter” started early on Saturday and kept pushing people to take an earlier flight until Sunday afternoon………but it was snowing enough for us to know a massive powder day was coming Sunday morning….and we were not going to miss it. We chose the elegant Chef’s Club by Food&Wine for dinner and there was no disappointment on the entire table. Baked Ricotta and Short Ribs filled the table along with venison appetizers…..the meal was a feast.

Retreating to the room after dinner and stretching for the upcoming powder filled the rest of the evening while watching X Games on TV. The serenity of town as the white out of snow takes over and keeps the people at bay from walking all over town still gives me the smile I had when I moved to Aspen in 2007……..the mountains still surround you and keep your small existence in perspective……great food, great snow, great times, and plenty of grime this trip……..


We were in the gondola line early at 8:45am Sunday………and there’s no friends on a powder day so you know how the rest goes……..17 inches of fresh fluff…..


Written by: The Gatsby @grimeygatsby



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