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4/21 in Colorado: Secret Sesh Saves the Day

With all of the confusion surrounding the High Times Cannabis Cup in Colorado this April, its been hard to tell if there will be a place for large groups of cannabis consumers to get together and celebrate on 4/20. Sure, there will be gatherings; how could there not be in a recreational state and on the biggest marijuana holiday? But will any of them have the sponsors, entertainment and most importantly, that particular atmosphere, that makes a 4/21 celebration in Colorado such a special occasion? Well, it seems the answer to that last question is “yes.” There’s no need to look further for a proper party, because The Secret Sesh has confirmed that they’ll be throwing one of their events on that very day in Denver.

It’s been about a year since I last published a feature here about The Secret Sesh and since then, its only grown bigger and better. The sponsors are always amongst the top companies in the industry, admission fees are extremely reasonable, they provide amazing prizes for their contest winners (nobody leaves empty-handed) and surprise entertainers as well as celebrity guests appear on a regular basis. With time and experience, they’ve also been able to get their planning and execution running like a well-oiled machine. Unfortunately, many of these things can’t be said about the Cannabis Cup. With unhappy vendors and attendees at recent events, the rejection of applications at multiple venues and unexpected date changes, I’ve heard more complaints than compliments lately. And while the size of the guest list at a Secret Sesh is only a fraction of what High Times regularly allows, the audience still ranges from 300 – 1,000 people, depending on the occasion; a pretty significant amount, especially when you take into consideration that they’re held on a weekly basis rather than every few months.
One of the improvements that The Secret Sesh has made in the past year was the addition of a website, where they not only keep their audience informed, but also welcome feedback and suggestions. When the site first went live, they posted a poll asking where people would like to see the event held next. And for those that voted for Denver, it appears that they’re going to get their wish – it’s been confirmed that the second Secret Sesh in this city will indeed be held on 4/20. Although the announcement has been made, only a few things have been established so far; luckily, I’ve been given permission to clarify a few details.

Paul Wall and Rae Sremmurd visit The Secret Sesh

Paul Wall and Rae Sremmurd visit The Secret Sesh

While the venue has yet to be formally revealed, it seems as though some already know the location – or at least think they do. However, I have it on good authority (from the actual organizers) that nobody’s guess has been correct thus far. And, regardless of whether or not any future speculation happens to be accurate, admittance to The Secret Sesh is based solely on a guest list and hard ticket sales; only those who follow the proper channels will gain entry. What we do know for a certainty is that it will be held in Denver on 4/21 and that there will be some exciting surprises in honor of the holiday. Another aspect that seems to be a big topic of speculation is what the age restrictions will be. I hate to say it, but it looks as if the younger crowd of hopeful attendees are going to be disappointed… However, the laws governing the cannabis industry in Colorado rule on this topic and The Secret Sesh will be in full compliance; meaning that all guests must be 21+ to attend.

Two winners at a Secret Sesh receive 40" flat screen TVs

Two winners at a Secret Sesh receive 40″ flat screen TVs

As of right now, the organizers are predicting that the time frame and general operations will be the same as those at The Secret Sesh that is held weekly in California; the event hours will be from 7:00p.m. – 11:00p.m. and both general and VIP admission will be available. VIPs will receive gift bags as usual and there will be a special gift for the first 50 people in the general admission line. These details are tentatively set, but should they change, the organizers have already made a pledge to let their audience know well in advance. As of this moment, there are over fifteen sponsors who have confirmed their participation and even more are in the process of locking in their spots. These companies, along with the specifics about featured entertainment, won’t be announced until the event draws closer – but we can expect one more piece of concrete information as early as late March: that’s when the organizers are predicting that they will make the guest list e-mail address known to the public.


First place trophy from The Secret Sesh Concentrate Cup

There are still quite a few revelations to be made, such as additional ways to obtain tickets, which sponsors will be present, entertainment information and more. Yet there is one other little detail that I’ve been given permission to divulge, something that, if you’re reading this, may be the most intriguing piece of information thus far… It appears as if The Grimey Gatsby will, in some way, be participating. Like so much else, the capacity in which they’ll be involved remains to be seen, but I can assure you that, as always, they’re sure to help bring the Grime and keep it Gatsby.
If you have any interest in attending, make sure you’re following The Secret Sesh Instagram accounts, @secretsesh_co and @secretsesh_la, for all the newest announcements and to check in regularly at The Secret Sesh blog as well as here for more information in further detail. You’ll want to stay tuned for all the news that’s coming… because on 4/20, we sesh in Denver.


Written by: Danielle Erin @daniicalifornia_

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