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Product Review: PuffCo Plus Portable Vaporizer Pen

12pm EST today marked the official launch of the PuffCo Plus, the newest portable vaporizer pen from PuffCo, in collaboration with Hive Ceramics. The Brooklyn-based company has already racked up a multitude of accolades – including two High Times Cannabis Cup first place awards for Best Vaporizer – and the newest addition to their line-up is on track to keep up the winning tradition. Although the new pen is only available as of today on their site and at retail outlets, their amazing team was kind enough to send me an early release sample to test out – and it did not disappoint
As many people can attest, I am a complete light-weight when it comes to cannabis consumption. Long gone are the days of high school where I could smoke with my friends for hours without immediately (and unpredictably) turning into one of the stoner stereotypes: a space case, a narcoleptic or, worst of all, a Girl Interrupted-style paranoiac. I still enjoy medicating, but it takes far less to get me high and I’m mostly comfortable in a much more specific environment. As a direct result, I tend to be a little slow when it comes to understanding innovations in consumption technology. Incidentally, vaporizers are a notorious weak spot for me; they’re fickle, vary from brand to brand, and I’ve always had issues with knowing exactly how “hard” I should inhale. I’ll never live down the infamous Disneyland incident a few years back when I accidentally ripped the entire contents of an OG Pen in one hit and spent the next hour convinced that the Disney police were going to know I was high and kick me out. (This was through no fault of the OG Pen. They’re another great brand and their product functions amazingly, which is why I got way too high). But I digress. The bottom line is, I’m one of those people who can’t deal with a temperamental vaporizer. But PuffCo has managed to do the nearly impossible; they’ve designed a pen that even I can easily use.
puffco 6
The design details of the PuffCo Plus are probably more significant to a connoisseur, but they combine to create unmatched performance which makes all the difference to a vape (semi) virgin like me. Not only does the newest product boast the brand’s first coil-less system, its the first vaporizer ever to contain absolutely no metal in the chamber. Oh, excuse me, there’s no metal in either chamber – because the PuffCo Plus kit comes with an extra one, just so you can always be prepared. And those chambers? Yeah, they’re also among the largest ceramic ones currently available – which is where their partnership with Hive Ceramics comes in. For those who may not be familiar, this was significant because it meant that there was no burnt-metal flavor compromising my hit; each one tasted like it had been taken from an actual Hive Ceramics nail (something I admittedly don’t do often, but still… terp retention!) This metal-less design also meant that it was incredibly easy to clean just by giving it a couple of quick swabs with a Glob Mop.
puffco 2
Speaking of cleanliness, one of my biggest complaints is how difficult some vaporizers are to load. (I know pre-filled cartridges are available, but I’ve only liked a few). There’s been many a time that I’ve attempted to fill a pen where afterward my hands resembled Winnie the Pooh’s paws after a honey binge. Not so with the Plus. Just as the all-ceramic chamber made each hit taste like an actual dab, the PuffCo Dart (patent pending) made loading as easy as using an actual dabber. Also made of ceramic, this pointy little gadget is actually built into the mouthpiece. All I had to do was pick up the amount of oil I wanted, screw in the mouthpiece and I was ready to go. I have to admit, I wasn’t the only one hitting the pen while I conducted my “research” for this review. But even with repeated use there wasn’t any leakage or clogging. When I did a little additional research, I saw that the design of the Dart/mouthpiece actually optimizes airflow as well, drastically minimizing these occurrences.
puffco 4
PuffCo obviously went all out on this new design, even improving the battery (also patent pending). The available temperature settings have the ability to go both higher and lower than before – a diverse feature which an experienced smoker is also likely to be more appreciative of. (Tip: The fit may be compatible, but don’t use the Plus with other batteries as it can compromise chamber and/or battery lifespan). However, what I absolutely loved was the new Sesh Mode, a setting that allows for 12 seconds of continuous vapor just by clicking the cloud button twice. Of all the amazing new features, this had to be my favorite as it eliminated all the variables that usually make my vaporizing experiences so unpredictable: How long should I hold the button down? Is there a press and release technique to heat the concentrates properly? This thing is getting uncomfortably hot, is it overheating? There was no more guess work and, more importantly, it made it a hell of a lot easier to determine just how hard I needed to inhale to get a hit that was the size I wanted. For the first damn time – and its about time – I could personalize my experience. The PuffCo Plus is basically fool proof, even for someone like me and its even provided some peace of mind; it seems that with this vaporizer pen, I’ll no longer have to worry about another Disneyland-like episode.
puffco 5
Starting today, the Plus will be available for purchase on their new site and at 200 retail locations, which they released a list of just last night. And starting at $99.99 for the whole kit, its more than worth the cost. The only drawback is that you can’t stock up on them just yet as there are currently only limited quantities available – only two can be purchased per customer. I may not be the ultimate authority on products for cannabis consumption, but if even I can use this pen without issues, its going to be an even better experience for those who are more serious smokers. If you’re someone who enjoys vaping or just needs a discreet alternative while out and about in public, then this pen is probably going to be a necessity. The company states that their simple mission is “to bring the world the best possible portable vaporizer” by “using the most advanced technology around and [their] knowledge of what our community wants.” After trying their new product and communicating extensively with the team (major points for also having one of the coolest staffs I’ve ever dealt with), I can say with complete confidence that they’ve accomplished their goals. I absolutely loved the PuffCo Plus vaporizer and highly recommend it for smokers of all experience levels. I’d also suggest picking one up while you still can; as amazing as they are, I have a feeling that availability isn’t going to last long.

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