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Published on October 26th, 2016 | by gatsbyadmin


Block Festival – Recap

This year’s Snowboard on the Block has unfortunately come to a end but holy shit this year’s Block Festival completely blew the other years out of the water! I mean with a bigger venue and two solid days of the event it couldn’t get any better than that. This event is by far one of our favorite events to cover for the year. The Rail Jam setup was gnarly as fuck! The snowboard films that premiered were dope as fuck. And the music artist’s this year weren’t too bad as they went as hard as possible for Denver!



The first day of Snowboard on the Block started off kinda slow because it didn’t really start till after 5:45pm. So that gave us plenty of time to pre-game at another location before the festivities kicked off. That location happened to be my crib where we had cooked a feast of different variations of brats, peppers, onions, and t-bone steaks. You best believe we had some brews to wash it all down. After a couple hours of stuffing face and sloshling beer it was time to head to Sculpture Park. After arriving early downtown at Sculpture Park it was time to check in with the media department. After we grabbed our credentials it was time to make some rounds and locate everything as far as the theaters for the snowboard films were being premiered ,the stages for the music, and the “go to” spots we needed to be, the mini ramp for skating, and we had to link up with the homies and stop by their tent or meet up with them at some point.


First order of business was to get to the Jones theater to check out one of the most progressive snowboard crews out there, I’m talking about the Videograss crew and their new film “Half Off.” This film came out swinging right from the start with a bag full of technical tricks from rails to gaps and difficult wall rides. We look forward to any new films or projects that come from this crew every year. Next we had to jet back outside a few minutes before 6pm because we were not missing the new Shred Bots video. Their new video was titled “The Man Boys!” This video was absolutely amazing filled with goofy antics and epic backcountry booter shots and all around love for the mountain. Their videos are always entertaining. We skipped the Method movie because it was playing the second day and we had to head back over to the Jones theater to see ThinkTank’s new film that everyone is talking about, “The Weather outside is Weather as Always” from this crew with a burst of creativity and technical tricks will leave you saying wtf. We only got to catch the first part of this video because we had to run back outside to catch the rest of Mimosa’s set. As usual he killed it and hyped everyone up for Chief Keef to hit the stage. And let’s be honest, most of us went for the whole snowboarding event but the first night of Block Festival it seemed like more people had poured into Sculpture Park to see Chief Keef. We don’t blame them where else are you gonna see Chief Keef for 20 bucks!? CK was a little late but he had his crew up on stage entertaining the crowd until he arrived. Finally he arrived and hit the stage and the crowd went absolutely nuts. And you know he played all the songs that everyone wanted to hear

The second day was just as lit as the first day but it started early at 1pm. Since we skipped The Method movie yesterday we had to make this a first priority of the day. But only for about a half hour Because we had to go back out to the main stage to catch the infamous Wild Cats film “Wildcats Never Die.” Right when we got there Eddie Wall was up on stage with Devin Walsh and were getting ready to give away a pair of boots to the first person that brings Devin Walsh an unopened beer. Everyone that was standing next to me took off with a quickness to each vendor. All of the sudden you see this dude run across the field and hop the stage fence and almost get tackled by security. Dude was stoked on being the fastest to respond and for his newly won snowboard boots!!! This film was so hype and probably one of our favorites of the Block Festival. The whole idea of this video is about a couple of guys that have been riding together for over 20 years or so and still sharing laughs and some of the best snowboarding to this day. They still look like they are having just as much fun too. Some of these guys have been idols of mine since I was a little dude and to still see them kill it 20 some years later just amazing. Next film that was supposed to be up was probably the most anticipated video of the year put out by Bode Merrill’s “Wreckless Abandonment.” But because the whole schedule was late it got pushed back to a later time.


Now it was time for the first musical guest to go on the main stage outside. This artist kills it solo and also as a Duo, he is one half of the duo PantyRaid which is due to play the next week in Denver at Beta Nightclub. But his solo artist name is MartyParty. The crowd seemed to respond well to the sounds of Martyparty but it seems most people were pre occupied with the snow that was being thrown all over the Vans Rail Jam. Which seemed like it was about to kick off any minute or it looked that way because everyone was piled up in front of the rail jam. We needed to head back into the Jones theater because “After Forever” was playing and that was another one we were super stoked on. The soundtrack and cinematography was absolutely amazing and the film was breath taking! Unfortunately, we were doing a lot of running around which meant we were headed back to the Vans stage to check the all female casted snowboard film “Full Moon.” This film featured some of the most athletic and talented ladies of the snowboard industry.


Finally, it was time to go the Vans Rail Jam as the snow had been placed and set and the crowd was anxious and the riders were getting pumped to kick things off. As the sun dialed in on the Rail Jam it was still frosty on the setup. The riders were pushing the limits of expectations of the Van Doren Pro Jam. So many huge tricks thrown down on this setup but there can only be one winner. After the Rail Jam everyone directed their attention to the right side of the rail jam to the main stage to check out Bode Merrill’s “Wreckless Abandonment.” His sections in other videos absolutely kills it but this is his own movie and it is beyond deserved. Transworld Snowboard always goes all out on their videos and why the hell not? They definitely have to keep their reputation at a high standard. With that said “Insight” was way too gnarly, it was bonkers! And let’s not forget the Union team video titled “Stronger” to end out the night for the snowboard video premieres for Snowboard on the Block 2016.

And the last musical artists to close out the night at Sculpture Park was Blunt smoking 40oz drinking Afroman. He played all his most popular songs and the crowd sang every word as he did. Then he went on to tell his infamous drunk cheesy jokes while he sipped on a 40oz.  Everyone was pretty ready to see Wolfmother. These guys are outstanding and put on such an amazing live show.

That’s a wrap for the 2016 Snowboard on the Block and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year. Every year it just keeps getting bigger and better and the films keep getting gnarlier and the bands keep killing it. See you guys next year at the 5th annual snowboard on the block!


Written, Videos, & Photos by: Zac Cheek @digitalcriminal

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