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Published on January 3rd, 2018 | by Courtney Gilmore


New Year, New You Juice Cleanse

 And now for something completely different to start your 2018. Let’s shed the toxins and excess baggage of 2017 with a juice cleanse. It’ll be fun.

I am not a doctor, and do not claim to be one. I am simply reporting what miracles I have witnessed over the course of 90 days…and counting.

First, a little background on juice cleanses, why people do this, and how to most effectively use them.
Juice cleanses can be done in as few as one, three, or five days, or 60 to 90 days, depending on the desired results. Three days is generally a quick cure for bloating or general discomfort, and easy to stick to. For a full body reboot with weight loss results, 60 to 90 days is going to be a better choice.
Many studies have been done on the effects of juice cleanses, in particular the claims of juice cleanses removing toxins from the body. Doctors behind these studies lean toward the belief that the liver and kidneys sufficiently detoxify the body without needing outside assistance.
Adding a vitamin charged, antioxidant rich juice that is easily digestible and absorbable is beneficial for a jump start boost that is not going to hurt you, barring any unknown allergies to the ingredients. Vitamin supplements or spirulina powder if you really want to give your juice a shot in the arm can be added to the mix if you are lacking a certain element.
There is also the thought that if you have a hard time maintaining a diet, doing a three day cleanse between eating a healthy and balanced diet for the other four days could be an easier way to adhere to a diet plan.
Over the summer, my partner and I were on vacation, and the eclipse mystically did something, motivating us to make positive life changes when we got home. “It’s time to be grown ups. We’re not old, but we’re not kids. We want our nieces and nephews to see a good example more than a good time. I’d like to live long enough to see their kids too” We aren’t hedonists or anything, but we aren’t dead yet. This thrust him head first into the 90 day revitalizing juice cleanse that changed everything for the better.
We got a juicer, found a recipe for the inimitable “Green Juice,” and set off for a farmer’s market or produce mart nearby. Some loose, but respected rules were created, for example, we committed to only using organic produce. This rule is often tested since it has proven somewhat difficult to find organic kiwi in our area. Another rule is that  this juice must be consumed within 24 hours, or the nutrients begin to dissipate. This rule I was trying to dispute, but ultimately, Gordon Ramsay would only accept fresh juice, never frozen, therefore, it stands. This also helps keep your fridge from filling up with extra juice that never gets drunk. It became clear that this was a full lifestyle overhaul, head to toe, and knew that I could only benefit from these changes as well. 
Full disclosure: I did not do the full 90 day cleanse as just juice, but reworked my own diet, desperately trying to avoid sugar and processed food, while supplementing it with juice and some new vitamins too. I have epilepsy and after 7 years have finally found a regimen between medications and cannabis that has kept me seizure free for over a year. I am not playing with that.
The physical changes I witnessed in him, and experienced myself were near immediate.
Things like heartburn and indigestion disappeared. Mentally, focus sharpened, and he now describes himself as “Very awake and reconnected to the earth. Meditation was such an easy next step.”
Going to, and staying asleep was not as difficult, then waking up earlier became easier. The days seemed longer even though they became shorter.
The evolutionary process seemed to go something like this: juice cleanse leads to organic produce for juice, and this all inevitably leads to glowing skin, and then naturally, yoga. Better flexibility and increased endurance plus great weather, led to hiking and outdoor activities. This led to a 10 size drop in pants, a daily workout routine that includes yoga, cardio, and weight training. Increased immunity seems to be a benefit that has been acquired. It meant that I got a cold over the holidays and he did not. From who? The niece and nephew, naturally.
It’s been over 120 days now, and he is still drinking the juice, and has assimilated back to food, following a vegetarian or vegan diet that does include Indian food, and Thai food on occasion.
It didn’t take long for us to begin having conversations that went like this – 
Him: “You know something…our neighborhood is really an ‘easy access to juice’ dead zone. We should open a juice bar. You could run it.”
Me: “I could run a juice bar.”
Here’s the juice recipe, tailor it to your tastes & let me know what else is good!
New You Juice (makes 2 large/1 small mason jar)
3 cucumbers
3 zucchinis
3 carrots
3 apples, cored
3 celery stalks
3 kiwi
1 lemon, seeded
1/2 lime, seeded
1 bushel kale
1/2 bushel dino kale
1/3 bunch spinach
1 Cup grapes
3-4” piece ginger
1-2” piece turmeric
1 handful mint
1/3 bunch dandelion
15 stems parsley
1 beet (once a week)
All pics by Courtney Gilmore @OGofCBD

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  1. ToddytheRoddy says:

    Great article. Time to cleanse my body and soul.

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